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City of Winnipeg
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City Clerk's

Municipal Manual

In keeping with a time-honoured tradition, the City Clerk’s Department is pleased to present the newest edition of the City’s Municipal Manual. The first edition of the Manual was published in 1904.

Winnipeg’s City Clerk’s Department is a leader amongst North American cities for its embracement of paperless technology and electronic information distribution and to this regard, the Municipal Manual has evolved into a digital reference tool which provides factual material of both historical and current interest, as well as a snapshot of the City’s political and administrative structure, and it guides the reader through the complexities of municipal government.

2013 Municipal Manual

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Election Information

Provides you with general election information and a breakdown of the results of the 2010 Civic Election.

Facts and Highlights

Provides a historical synopsis of the symbols of the City of Winnipeg, as well as a physical and socio-geographical overview of its population.

Past and Present

A review of the origins of the City of Winnipeg and the events that have helped shape it’s history and present reality.

Municipal Government

Our overview of municipal government provides a snapshot of the City’s political structure, City Council and its Committees.

Municipal Administration

Provides an outline of the administrative structure, departmental mandates and responsibilities, and civic initiatives within the public service.

2007 Municipal Manual

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Election Information

In accordance with The City of Winnipeg Charter, the City Clerk's Department conducts a general election on the fourth Wednesday of October every four years for the Offices of Mayor and Councillor. The election for the Office of School Trustee for those School Divisions within the boundaries of the City of Winnipeg is held in conjunction with the election for the Offices of Mayor and Councillor.

Facts and Highlights

With an ethnically diverse population of 706,900 Winnipeg is the ninth largest city in Canada and dominates the Manitoba economy. Winnipeg has grown steadily over the years, and top ranked industries include: aerospace manufacturing, agribusiness, garment and apparel industries, environmental stewardship, film production, financial services, health and biotechnology research, information technology and transportation equipment manufacturing.

Past and Present

Though there had been fur trading posts in Winnipeg and its surrounding area since 1738, the first permanent settlement occurred in 1812 when a group of Scottish crofters arrived. Winnipeg was incorporated as a city on November 8, 1873 with a population of 1,869 people. The arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1885 brought a 30-year period of growth and prosperity unequalled in Canadian urban development.

Municipal Government

Construction of Winnipeg’s first City Hall, located on Main Street between William and Market Avenues, began August of 1875. However, the building suffered chronic structural problems and was eventually demolished in 1883. A new City Hall was completed in 1886. The statuesque “Gingerbread” building, complete with all manner of Victorian grandeur, symbolized Winnipeg's coming of age at the end of the nineteenth century. The building was demolished in 1962. Winnipeg's current City Hall was officially opened on October 5, 1964 at a cost of $8.2 million. City Hall, also known as the Civic Centre, is comprised of two buildings: the Council Building and the Administration Building.

Municipal Administration

The City of Winnipeg Administrative Organization

2004 Municipal Manual

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The City Clerk's Department is pleased to present the 100th Anniversary Edition of the City of Winnipeg's Municipal Manual.

The Manual is compiled by the City Clerk's Department from numerous sources and is a textbook of municipal government in Winnipeg that also illustrates the often unheralded attributes of our vibrant City.

The Manual contains the most up-to-date information, and includes revised text noting changes since the inital printing in 2004. We invite you to browse through the Manual in either English or French by simply clicking on the attachments above.


Includes introductory remarks from the City Clerk, the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer, as well as a montage of the 2002 – 2006 Members of Winnipeg City Council.

Welcome to Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a vibrant city in which its citizens embrace a culturally rich and ethnically diverse lifestyle. Find out about Winnipeg’s symbols and facts, historical and current events. You will also find links to Winnipeg’s many exciting attractions, festivals and events.

Municipal Government

Our overview of municipal government provides a snapshot of the City’s political structure, City Council and Committees, as well as Election information.

Municipal Administration

Provides an overview of the administrative structure, departmental mandates and civic initiatives.

Frequently Called Nummbers

Look here for contact information for all three levels of government; Municipal, Provincial and Federal.


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Last update: May 22, 2014