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Community Services


Bicycle Registration

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Did you know?
  • As many as 3,000 bicycles are reported stolen each year in the city of Winnipeg.

    The City of Winnipeg recovers up to 1,000 bicycles each year, with less than 10% returned to their rightful owners.

    The City of Winnipeg sells hundreds of bicycles a year at its annual bicycle auction because ownership cannot be traced.
How do I protect my bicycle?
  • The best way to protect your bicycle is with a good lock and to register it with the City of Winnipeg Community Services Bicycle Recovery Section.
What does registering my bicycle do for me?
  • If your bicycle is stolen and then located, you will be notified immediately and arrangements can be made for you to get your bicycle back.
How do I register my bicycle?
  • Complete the Bicycle Registration form and return it to:

    The City of Winnipeg
    Bicycle Recovery Section
    395 Main St.
    Winnipeg, MB R3B 3N8
  • Forms are available at the Bicycle Recovery Section, most civic offices, community-based police offices, police district offices, and other selected locations.
The registration form asks for my serial number, but I'm not sure where to find it?
  • To locate the serial number of your bicycle, look closely at the frame for the imprinted number (not a sticker). Record the serial number exactly as shown on the bike. Numbers starting with "TH" are generally stock numbers and NOT serial numbers.
  • The diagram below shows the common location for serial numbers:
  • If you are still having difficulties locating the serial number, check with the salesperson at the retail outlet where you purchased your bicycle or call the City of Winnipeg Bicycle Recovery Section at 311.
Is there a charge to register my bicycle?
  • Yes. Registration for a new bicycle is $6.60 per bicycle (GST included).
  • If you have purchased a used bicycle, that has an existing registration number, you can have the ownership transferred for $4.10 (GST included) (Fee subject to annual increase).
Where do I make payment?
  • You can mail your application and cheque made payable to The City of Winnipeg to:

    The City of Winnipeg
    Bicycle Recovery Section
    395 Main St.
    Winnipeg, MB R3B 3N8

    Note: Bicycle Auctions are held once a year in April by the City of Winnipeg.
When do I get my sticker and where do I place it?
  • Once we receive the registration application and your payment, a decal will be mailed to you.
  • The decal should be placed on the left side of the frame when seated on the bike, in the location indicated in the diagram.
Who should I call if my bicycle is stolen?
  • Contact the Winnipeg Police to make a report a soon as possible.
  • Contact the Bicycle Recovery Officer at 311.
When is the 2017 bicycle auction?
Last update: January 2, 2018