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Aboriginal Youth Strategy

Eagle Feather

Oshki Annishinabe Nigaaniwak
"Young Aboriginal People Leading"
The City of Winnipeg's Aboriginal Youth Strategy

iMaps (Interactive Maps) - Aboriginal Service Provider layer

iMaps is an interactive Web-based mapping system that pulls together information from various sources along with the City of Winnipeg’s departmental data and puts it into a map format for you to view.

The Aboriginal Service Provider layer plots organizations or agencies that provide services or programs for Aboriginal people in Winnipeg. Categories include: Basic Needs (emergency food to rental supports), Business and Social Development, Cultural & Heritage (language to traditional teachings and practices), Family Oriented Services (child care to primary family supports), Financial, Health & Well-being (addictions treatment to traditional health care), Legal Services, Personal Development (academic upgrading to vocational training) and Recreation.

To increase ease of use including seeing tool tips when you move your cursor over the map and to make it easier to see data when you click on the map, we recommend running the Java Runtime environment (see tip #3 below).

Please review the following tips:

1. Access the City of Winnipeg iMaps - Aboriginal Service Provider layer by clicking HERE.
2. If the Aboriginal Service Provider (ASP) map doesn't load automatically, click on the drop down menu that reads "Select Map" and choose the first option. Wait for this layer to load.
3. To change your map viewer between Raster, Java or ACGM: Click on the "Advanced" menu at the top left corner of the map window. Click on the button called “Change Viewer,” which will take you to a page to select your preferred viewer for displaying the maps on your computer – Select “Java Runtime Environment” (a prompt to accept cookies will be launched). Java Plugin version 1.6.0_26 required to run this environment.
4. On the left side bar, click on "Legend" to see the categories of Aboriginal Service Providers available on the map.
5. On the left side bar, click on "Detail" to see detailed service provider information when you left-click on the icons plotted on the map. Information on each provider should pop up including Name, Category, Activities, Description, Intended Impact, and Contact Information.
6. To zoom into a specific area: click on the "zoom to the rectangle" button located on the top menu bar of iMaps (fourth button from the left after the "Select Map" drop down menu). Click on the map and hold while you create a box around the area you'd like to view in detail; wait for the map to zoom to this location. Determine if you need to zoom in closer (at some magnification level, you'll get a photo image).
7. To access the iMaps tutorial and frequently asked questions click HERE.


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