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City of Winnipeg
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Community Services


Wading Pools

All Wading Pools are closed for the season.

Come splash with us! Wading pools are free of charge for children 12 and under and their parent/ guardian to enjoy, except where paid admission is required; St. Vital Outdoor Pool.

Check back for the 2018 Aquatic Fun Guide for schedules, locations, rules and Admission Requirements and a whole bunch more!

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Admission Requirements

Wading Pools have a maximum depth of 45 - 60 cm (18 - 24 inches). They are designed for children 12 years and under that meet Admission Requirements.

Children under 6 years of age must have a parent, guardian or caregiver 12 years of age or older actively supervising them at the pool. Parents/Guardians have an important role in their children's safe enjoyment at any recreational water facility.

The role of the Wading Pool Attendant is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience at all wading pools. The Wading Pool Attendant works with patrons to ensure an understanding of the pool rules. The Wading Pool Attendant has complete authority with the emphasis on safety first.

Wading Pool Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, Wading Pool Rules apply at all wading pools.

Avoiding Foulings

In the unfortunate event that the wading pool water is contaminated with fecal matter or vomit, wading pool staff is required to close the wading pool in order to properly disinfect the wading pool as per the Public Health Act.

  • Do not go swimming if you or your child are feeling unwell, have a cough, have diarrhea (or have had diarrhea in the past day), or are vomiting (or have vomited in the past day).
  • Non-toilet trained children must wear leak-proof swim garments.
  • Ensure your child uses the bathroom prior to entering the pool and take them for frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Avoid swallowing the pool water or getting water in your mouth.
  • Do not feed your child within one hour before swimming.
  • Change diapers in the change rooms if possible.
  • Do not change diapers on the pool deck (apron) of the wading pool.
  • Dispose of diapers properly.
  • Ensure you are far enough away from the deck when changing a child on the grass.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet or changing diapers.
  • For sanitary and privacy reasons, change your children in the change room or washroom.

Wading Pool Closures

Check here for current wading pool information.

A wading pool may be closed throughout the day if any of the following conditions arise:

  • The weather turns to thundershowers during the day.
  • Lightning and/or thunder are present.
  • Water, electricity, access to a phone for emergencies, first aid kit or washroom facilities are not available.
  • Foreign material, such as glass, fecal matter, vomit, animals or blood, is found in the wading pool water and has the potential to affect pool water clarity and quality.
  • Maintenance issues.
  • The wading pool does not meet Manitoba Public Health Act requirements
Last update: March 14, 2018