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Information about our 236 neighbourhoods
Information about our 236 neighbourhoods
Electronic Citizens Information Service
Find information related to an address
Navigo Trip Planner
Winnipeg Transit's online trip planner
Garbage & Recycling
Find out your collection days

Active Transportation Cycling Maps
This map outlines cycling routes, both existing and proposed, based on the City of Winnipeg's Active Transportation Network.

Aerial Photography
This versatile mapping application contains the latest imagery the City owns, including orthogonal imagery (Bird's eye - Straight down view) and oblique imagery (45 degree view e.g. so you can navigate to see all the sides of the buildings) along with property addresses. There is also some historical imagery available for viewing. You can control whether you want to see Imagery as the map background or a plain Road Map, and can control the display of the Current Assessment Parcel Lines and Assessment Parcel Dimensions.

Assessment Search: Business | Residential
Property assessment information is provided for property owners to review their assessment and confirm that it is equitable in comparison to similar properties.

Census neighborhood profiles
Census profiles of the City's neighborhoods.

City of Winnipeg - Data Pricing and Maps for Sale

The CrimeStat Web site is an online resource that provides timely statistical information relating to crime in Winnipeg.

e-CIS – Electronic Citizens Information Service
Provides civic information related to an address.

Electoral Ward Map

Navigo is Winnipeg Transit's trip planner. It uses a simple step-by-step process to give you the information you need to make effective use of Winnipeg Transit.

NOW-Neighbourhoods of Winnipeg
Designed for easy access and use by all citizen, businesses, community organizations and Governments, NOW provides profiles of each of Winnipeg's 236 neighbourhoods including municipal data, census and demographic information, economic development information, historical data, and mapped information such as recreation facilities, libraries, schools, parks and much more

OurWinnipeg Mapping Application
OurWinnipeg is based on an urban structure - a spatial articulation of city building objectives. It guides the city's future realization, identifying and defining its physical components, not as they are today, but as they are envisioned.

An urban structure differentiates between areas of the city based on their period of growth and descriptive characteristics. This approach recognizes the uniqueness of different neighbourhoods and areas of the city, providing the basis for accommodating growth and change in a way that is sensitive to context.

The ServiceStat Web site is an online resource that provides timely statistical information relating to selected 311 service requests.

Truck route map (Public Works)

More maps of Winnipeg and surrounding area

Downtown Maps
This Downtown Winnipeg BIZ map displays a map of downtown Winnipeg showing all public parking locations, Downtown Spirit bus routes and the weather protected walkway system.

Google Map of Winnipeg - Search the map of Winnipeg, then scan and zoom into the map for more detail

Government of Canada - Maps of Canada

Province of Manitoba - Free information kits

University of Manitoba - Fort Garry Campus Map

MTS Centre Map - Directions to this location

Last update: July 3, 2014