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Competencies are skills or qualities one has acquired through their life experience, study, training or employment. The City of Winnipeg uses a competency based model for hiring, as does the Winnipeg Police Service.

The following are the City of Winnipeg’s Five Core Competencies which the Winnipeg Police Service uses to assess each applicant and considers essential for an applicant to possess in order to perform successfully as a Winnipeg Police Officer.

The Winnipeg Police Service encourages all applicants to familiarize themselves with these competencies.

City of Winnipeg Five Core Competencies

  1. Respecting Diversity – respects all people, treats them effectively and equitably, regardless of race, nationality, culture, disability, age or sex; proponent of equal opportunity and fairness for all.
  2. Citizen & Customer Focus – committed to building relationships with customers, garnering their trust and respect in order to meet their needs; improve products/services based on customer information; acts with customers in mind.
  3. Integrity & Trust – an honest and trusted individual, who presents the truth in a manner that is helpful and appropriate; someone who maintains confidentiality and when admitting mistakes, represents him/herself in a truthful way regardless of the outcome.
  4. Ethics & Values – doing the right thing even when no one is looking, committed to core values and beliefs and acts in a manner that supports their beliefs.
  5. Results Oriented – meets goals, ability to strive to be a top performer, goal oriented, encourages others to get successful results.
  • Action Oriented – takes advantage of opportunities, hard worker, energetic, willing to be challenged, can act with minimal planning.
  • Compassion – is genuine and sympathetic in their concern for others, able to demonstrate empathy and is willing and available to help others.
  • Learning on the Fly – ability to analyze situations and recognize areas of improvement; flexible thinking to solve problems and find solutions; quick learner and able to grasp underlying issues of anything; enjoys a challenge.
  • Listening – pays attention and is patient when hearing people, accurately articulates the opinions of others, even if in disagreement.
  • Peer Relationships – a team player who has the ability to find common ground and fairly and quickly solve problems while still representing his/her own interests; is cooperative, gains trust and support of peers, is candid and encourages collaboration.
  • Perseverance – is able to face resistance or setbacks in their pursuit to finish, finishing tasks with energy and drive, rarely giving up.
  • Self Development – strives to always improve him/herself, with the understanding that different skills and approaches may be required for different situations, uses strengths and compensates for weakness.
  • Self Knowledge – seeks and is open to critical feedback without being defensive, able to discuss shortcomings; learns from mistakes, understands personal strengths and weaknesses and seeks balanced performance reviews and career decisions.
  • Work/Life Balance – creates a conscious balance so that neither work nor life commitments dominate the other; takes care of both work and life, is two dimensional, and gets what he/she wants from both.
  • Dealing with Ambiguity – is flexible and can comfortably cope with change, risk and uncertainty; able to decide and act without the total picture and does not get upset by uncertainty.
  • Intellectual Horsepower – is intelligent and is comfortable dealing with concepts and complexity.
  • Written Communication – can convey a message that communicates the desired effect, is capable of clearly writing in a number of communication styles and settings.
  • Timely Decision Making – able to make quick timely decisions, even when under pressure or under tight deadlines, and sometimes, without complete information.
  • Approachability – are open and easy to talk to, are warm, pleasant and gracious; are sensitive and patient with others' anxieties, can easily build rapport, and are good listeners. Are able to gather informal and incomplete information in order to address issues early.
  • Composure – able to handle stress and maintain a settling influence under pressure or in a crisis, is mature and doesn't show frustration, defensiveness or irritation when resisted or when under pressure.
  • Patience – follows due process, but is sensitive to and tolerant of proper pacing; listens to, checks with, and tries to understand others and the data before judging or acting.

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These competencies and definitions are derived from the LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Competency Sort Cards developed and copyrighted by Robert W. Eichinger and Michael M. Lombardo for Lominger Limited, Inc. They are used on this Winnipeg Police Service web site by permission of Lominger Limited, Inc. Without separate, prior written permission of Lominger Limited, Inc., no part of these competencies and definitions may be used, reproduced, displayed or transmitted in any form or by any means. Requests for permission and information should be sent to Lominger Limited, Inc., 5051 Highway 7, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55416 USA (Telephone: 952-345-3681; Email licensing@lominger.com ).

If you have any further questions, please contact the Recruiting Office at 204-986-6204.