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The Panel Interview is a structured interview conducted in a boardroom setting before two Senior Winnipeg Police Officers who hold the rank of Sergeant, Staff Sergeant or Inspector.

There are two aspects of this interview:

  1. It is a Behaviour Based Interview.

What is a Behaviour Based interview? In simple terms this is an interview in which one draws upon their own personal experiences when providing answers to a question.

  1. It is Competency based.

The questions are structured and based on essential qualities established as competency measures that each applicant must satisfy. Applicants are asked questions based on both the City of Winnipeg’s Five Core Competencies and the Competencies for Police Constable. Click on Competencies to learn more on the Competency Measures and their Derivatives.

The Panel Interview is approximately 30 – 45 minutes in duration and is marked on a PASS/FAIL system.


  • Applicants who pass the Panel Interview hold the result for three years**.
** Note: this became effective with Recruit Class #149.


  • Applicants who fail the Panel Interview must wait one year from the initial application acceptance date for that class to be eligible to re-apply.
  • Applicants with a valid Written Test can re-enter a future Recruitment at Step 3 (Panel Interview) of the selection process after attaining a valid WPS-PAT