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Brookside Cemetery and Field of Honour

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Brookside Cemetery Entrance Gate
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Brookside Cemetery is a traditional, mature treed park-like area that is recognized by the local community as a historic site. It is located at 3001 Notre Dame Avenue, immediately west of Red River College.

Brookside is one of the oldest cemeteries in Winnipeg with the first interment having taken place in 1878. This cemetery is a reflection of the history of the people of Winnipeg. It is the final resting place of politicians, statesmen, noted athletes, decorated war heroes and people from all walks of life.  It is a perpetual record of yesteryear and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today.

Brookside Cemetery offers options for both traditional in-ground and cremated remains interments.

Contact Sherry, Matt or Milaini, our Customer Service Advisors, at 204-986-4348 for more information or to make an appointment to view choices for an affordable interment.

Brookside Cemetery Field of Honour

Field of Honour

Brookside Cemetery is home to one of the largest and oldest municipal Military Field of Honour in Canada. More than 12,000 Veterans, Service men, Service women and their families have been interred here since 1915.

Perpetual maintenance of the grounds, lots/plots and niches is assured to all owners.  We invest a percentage of the purchase price of all cemetery property in the Perpetual Maintenance Reserve Fund.

Note: Perpetual maintenance does not provide for the upkeep of memorials placed in the cemetery grounds.

Our goal is to be the Citizen’s first choice provider of interment services in Winnipeg. We can achieve this goal by providing an affordable, high quality, caring community service that ensures access to and choice of services for all.

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Last update: January 10, 2014

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