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City of Winnipeg
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Planning, Property & Development

Provincially Designated Sites in Winnipeg

Under the Heritage Resources Act, a provincial government can designate a site as a provincially designated heritage site.


City of Winnipeg Photo
Former Great-West Life

City of Winnipeg Photo
Building Westminster

  • The Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism can designate a provincial heritage site:
    • If it has outstanding provincial significance
    • If it is representative of Manitoba’s historic or prehistoric development, its peoples and their cultures
    • If it is representative of the natural history of the province
  • The Manitoba Heritage Council makes recommendations on the designation of provincial heritage sites. The Council is an appointed body made up of members with a high degree of knowledge and expertise in archaeology, architecture or history. The Council reflects the interests of Manitobans.  
  • Provincially designated buildings are protected from alteration or demolition.  
  • The only way to change, destroy, remove, repair or develop a provincially designated heritage site is to get a heritage permit from the Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism.
  • Heritage permits ensure that renovations or improvements made to a site or structure are sensitive to the site’s architectural and historic nature.
The following lists structures of provincial significance located within Winnipeg:
City of Winnipeg Photo
Waddell Fountain

Designated Site Name


Designation Date

Former Empire Hotel Facade remnants

in storage

Feb. 18, 1976

Isbister School

310 Vaughan Street

Oct. 19, 1984

Former Great-West Life Building

177 Lombard Street

Oct. 23, 1985

Former Garry Telephone Exchange Building

474 Hargrave Street

June 26, 1987

Former Barber House

99 Euclid Avenue

Sept. 30, 1987

Former Sir Hugh John MacDonald House

61 Carlton Street

Sept. 30, 1987

Trappist Monastery Ruins

rue du Monastere

Jan. 25, 1988

First Presbyterian Church

61 Picardy Place

Feb. 17, 1989

La Chapelle de Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours

avenue de L’Eglise

May 10, 1989

Manitoba Legislative Building

450 Broadway

May 12, 1989

Hotel Fort Garry

222 Broadway

March 30, 1990

Former Trappist Monastery Guesthouse

100 rue des ruines du Monastere

March 30, 1990

Former Kildonan School

2373 Main Street

March 30, 1990

Knox United Church

400 Edmonton Street

Oct. 29, 1990

Former Central Normal School

442 William Avenue

July 18, 1991

Walker Theatre

364 Smith Street

Oct. 31, 1991

Westminster United Church

745 Westminster Avenue

March 31, 1992

Former First Scandinavian Mission

268 Ellen Street

March 1, 1993

Former Winnipeg Canadian Pacific Railway Station

181 Higgins

July 15, 1993

Kildonan Presbyterian Church

201 John Black Avenue

Nov. 22 1993

Waddell Fountain

Central Park

Nov. 22, 1993

Former St. John’s Telephone Exchange Building

405 Burrows Avenue

July 28, 1994

Former Northern Pacific and Manitoba Railway Repair Shop

45 Forks Market Road

March 22, 1995

Former Manitoba Agricultural College

139 Tuxedo Boulevard

June 22, 1995

Ukrainian Labour Temple

591 Pritchard Avenue

Dec. 22, 1995

St. Luke’s Anglican Church

130 Nassau Street North

Feb. 13, 1997

Old St. James Anglican Church

540 Tylehurst Street

Jan. 27, 1998

Manitoba School for the Deaf

500 Shaftsbury Boulevard

May 12, 2000

Ralph Connor House

54 West Gate

March 10, 2004

Cathedral Church of Saint John

135 Anderson Avenue

Oct. 1, 2004

Pantages Playhouse Theatre

180 Market Avenue

Oct. 1, 2004

Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge

200 Woodlawn Street

Sept. 27, 2005

Last update: September 6, 2013