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City of Winnipeg
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Planning, Property and Development

Waterway Permit Application

Any person proposing work within 350 feet of the regulated summer water level of the Red, Assiniboine, Seine and La Salle Rivers or within 250 feet of the regulated summer water level of Omand’s, Bunn’s, Sturgeon, and Truro Creeks, all of which are contained within the boundaries of the City of Winnipeg, must obtain a Waterway Permit from the City of Winnipeg.

Waterway Permit

riverbank stabilizationA Waterway Permit is required for work of the following kind:

  • the deposit, removal, alteration or disturbance of any material
  • the construction or demolition of a building
  • the alteration of surface or subsurface drainage
  • the diversion of a waterway or alteration of a channel of a waterway


Applications are to be submitted to:

The City of Winnipeg
Planning, Property and Development Department
Waterways Section
Unit 15 - 30 Fort Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3C 4X5
Telephone:      311

Sample Application Form

To view a larger sample of a Waterway Permit Application Form, click on the image to the right.

Sample waterway permit application

Supporting Material to Accompany Application Form

The applicant must submit two (2) copies (one of the two copies may be submitted electronically) of scaled construction drawings including as follows:

  1. Site Plan showing the location of the proposed works relative to the river or creek edge.
  2. Foundation and Floor Plans (not preliminary plans)
  3. Section* through the proposed works to the river or creek edge using geodetic datum. The submitted section must be the most critical, i.e., reflects minimum distance of the proposed works to the river or creek edge.

Site Plan:

  • legal description of the property
  • size of lot
  • dimensions of proposed works
  • location of waterway relative to proposed works
  • shortest distance of proposed works from the waterway (regulated summer water level)
  • modifications to site drainage
  • location of septic field, if applicable

Foundation and Floor Plans

  • foundation details
  • floor layout
  • building elevation
  • roof drainage

Section *
Through proposed works to the river or creek edge using geodetic datum and to show:

  • building outline, including type of foundation and geodetic elevations of basement and ground floor
  • for fill area, existing and proposed riverbank elevations

*Note:  Please contact Waterways Office to determine if the submission of a survey section as prepared by Manitoba Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer is required in support of your application.

Submission of Engineer's Report

The Riverbank Management Engineer may request that an Engineer's report be submitted in support of the application. The report may be a professional opinion, office study, or a detailed geotechnical study prepared and submitted under the signature and seal of a qualified professional Engineer that is skilled in Geotechnical Engineering, and entitled to practice in the Province of Manitoba.

Construction Within the Floodway Fringe Area

If the building is located within the designated floodway fringe area, flood proofing measures must be incorporated in compliance with the Designated Floodway Fringe Area Regulation 266/91. For further information, the applicant can contact the Zoning Development Branch at 204-986-5140 or 311.

Review of Applications

Applications submitted to Waterways, Unit 15 – 30 Fort Street, are administratively processed and technically assessed on a first-come, first-served basis.

The time frame to administratively process and complete the technical assessment for each application will vary depending upon the complexity and nature of the proposed works.

A Waterway Permit will be issued by Waterways pursuant to Waterway By-law No. 5888/92.  If you are aggrieved by any decision of Waterways, an objection may be made to the Standing Policy Committee on Water and Waste, Riverbank Management and the Environment of the City of Winnipeg, c/o Clerk of the Standing Policy Committee on Water and Waste, Riverbank Management and the Environment, City Clerks Department,  510 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1B9.

Payment of Fees

Application fee payment in full to the City of Winnipeg is required at the time of application submission.  If payment is not made in full, your application will not be processed.

These fees are necessary to cover the cost to process and make an assessment of the application and therefore are NON-REFUNDABLE. (Cheque or Money Order made payable to the City of Winnipeg)

For your information, The City of Winnipeg accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit
  • Money Order
  • Trust Account
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express

Schedule of Fees (Effective January 1, 2017)

As per Planning, Development and Building Fees Bylaw No. 77/2009 and Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 196/2008. Fees are payable to the City of Winnipeg as per the Waterways Permit Fees.


Important Notice

  • Other approvals such as zoning variance, building permit, floodway fringe area regulation approvals may be required prior to proceeding with the works.  To identify any such approvals you may wish to have your Waterway Permit Application reviewed by the Zoning Development Branch, Unit 31 – 30 Fort Street, Call 204-986-5140, prior to your Waterway application being processed.

  • For winter construction on the City’s frozen waterways, a Frozen Waterway Permit must be obtained through the Zoning and Permits office at 204-986-5140 or call 311.  In particular, vehicular traffic on the ice surface is prohibited without this Permit.

Last update: January 18, 2017