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Planning, Property & Development

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Homeowner's Zoning Information

For One and Two Family Dwellings

Zoning is involved with all development and/or building on any site within the City of Winnipeg. Development means the construction of a building or structure on, over or under land, a change in the use or intensity of use of a building or land, the removal of soil or vegetation from land, the deposit or stockpiling of soil or material on land, and the excavation of land.


Zoning Maps

  • To Determine Zoning and Location of Property 
    The electronic Citizen's Information System, allows citizens to locate property-related information. You are able to search for any civic address in the City of Winnipeg and display it on a map, which you may print or gather information pertaining to that address.
    (Note: All persons making use of this zoning information are reminded that it has been prepared for the convenience of the user, and does not include any caveats, agreements, orders or encumbrances that may be registered against the land. The City of Winnipeg expressly disclaims any responsibility for errors or omissions.)
  • Zoning Maps Tutorial  
    A brochure explaining the steps on using the above electronic Citizen's Information System to obtain the required zoning information.

The City of Winnipeg Zoning By-law No. 200/06
This By-law applies to all areas of the city outside of the Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-law boundaries. This By-law is intended to promote orderly and thoughtful development of real property and growth in the city. To promote the health, safety and general welfare of the City and to implement the provisions of Plan Winnipeg and adopted Secondary Plans.

Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-Law No. 100/2004
This by-law is intended to advance Plan Winnipeg downtown policies and the vision articulated in CentrePlan - in particular to support and enhance the unique and distinctive neighbourhoods, functional districts, character areas, and focal points that combine to form a diverse, vibrant downtown.


Homeowners Permit Information

  • Homeowners Permit Information
    Provides homeowners with the information they require to successfully obtain Building Permits for home renovations and typical building projects.


Development Applications:

Residential Zoning Variance (DAV "B") Application - Single Family Dwelling or Two Family Dwelling
Application required for single and two-family dwellings where certain Dimensional Standards of the Zoning By-law cannot be met. A variance is a request to modify those standards as applied to a specific property.

Home-Based Business (Major) Condit ional Use (DCU "B") Application
Any use not listed as a permitted Home Occupation and also not listed as a prohibited Office Facility may be approved as Conditional Use pursuant to provisions of the City of Winnipeg Charter.

Downtown Variance and Conditional Use (DAV/DC U "B") Application
The Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-law is the instrument used to regulate land use and to promote orderly development and design within the Downtown. There are rules for development regarding residential and non-residential use, bulk, parking and loading, signs and urban design. When it is either impossible or impractical to meet these requirements, a Variance (DAV) application may be filed to modify provisions of the Zoning By-law.

Conditional Use means a use of a building or land that may be unique in its characteristics or operation, which could have an impact on adjoining properties. In accordance with the City of Winnipeg Charter, a Conditional Use is a use of land listed as "Conditional" within the use table of a zoning district.

Plan of Subdivision (DAS) Application - that creates a street
Application procedure for subdividing property, including consolidation of lands where a new public street or lane is being created and a zoning change is not required. The public hearing process is required.

Short Form Subdivision (DASSF)
Application procedure for subdividing property, including consolidation of lands where a new public street or lane is NOT being created and a zoning change is not required. The public hearing process is not required unless an agreement for subdivision or servicing is necessary.

Plan of Survey (DAPS) Application
Parcel Plans are generally prepared for descriptive purposes and when registered at Land Titles do not in themselves divide the title. "Parcels" as opposed to "Lots" characterize plans of Survey and letters (A, B, C, etc.) identifies parcels. The City of Winnipeg must approve the application before Land Titles will accept the registration.

Consent Application (CA)
A Consent Certificate is the Planning authority approval to separate a parcel from a title.

Last update: November 10, 2017