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Walk Bike Winnipeg

Pedestrian and
Cycling Strategies

Walk Bike Winnipeg

Thank you to all who attended our open house events and helped to make them such a great success.

Here are the open house presentation boards PDF for you to download and view.


The City of Winnipeg is developing strategies to encourage walking and cycling as attractive, convenient and accessible transportation choices for people of all ages and abilities in Winnipeg. These strategies will lead to healthier, more livable communities with social, environmental, land use and economic benefits for all. The Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies, the first of their kind for Winnipeg, spring from the City’s 2011 Transportation Master Plan, which calls for making continuous improvements to the City-wide cycling network and making walking a more attractive choice for travel.

The Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies will help shape changes in infrastructure and support programs that will encourage all of us to walk and cycle more – whether for work, pleasure, or day to day personal travels for shopping, visiting friends and family, or running errands. The Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies will provide direction for civic investments in infrastructure and support programs over the short, medium, and long-term to help make walking and cycling safe, convenient, attractive, and fun.

Get involved!

We need your input! Work is well under way on the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies, and they will continue be developed over the next several months, with anticipated completion in early 2014. As potential strategies are studied, we hope Winnipeggers will offer input and feedback on walking and cycling in Winnipeg, through surveys, a stakeholder advisory committee, small group discussions, a workshop, and an open house, and which will be supported by public communication materials.

More details about specific ways to get involved will be posted on this website regularly. Please check back often as we will continue to update this website.

  • Read the frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) section to expand your understanding of the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies.
  • Check out our photo feature and upload a shot that shows your favourite places to walk and bicycle in Winnipeg. This is a great chance to share your unique images as we highlight the special spaces and places that make up Winnipeg’s walking and cycling networks.
  • Read project newsletters on the website.
  • Respond back to questions we will pose on the City of Winnipeg front page to help broaden our understanding of what is important to Winnipeggers.

Join in! Please tell us your views:

Question of the Week:
What are some of your favourite places to cycle in your neighbourhood? Why?

go Results from previous survey.

Stay up to date:

Keep in touch, get involved and share your views.

Find periodic references on the City of Winnipeg’s Facebook page and Twitter.

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Project Schedule:

Phase 1
Learn about
the current state of walking and cycling in Winnipeg.
February 2013
Phase 2
Create the Vision
for walking and cycling in Winnipeg.
Fall/Winter 2013

Phase 3
Develop the Plans & Strategies
Fall/Winter 2013


2013 Winnipeg Cycling Map Transportation Master Plan Transportation Master Plan
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