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Insect Control


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Elm Leaves

Dutch Elm Disease

What is Dutch Elm Disease?

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Biting & Stinging Pests

bees | biting flies | mosquitoes | ticks | wasps & hornets


Household Pests

ants | bed bugs | cockroaches | flies | stored food beetles


Tree Pests

asian long-horn beetle | cankerworms | elm bark beetle |
elm spanworm
| emerald ash borer | forest tent caterpillar |
gypsy moth
| spiny elm caterpillar | mountain pine beetle |
spruce budworm


Urban Pests

aphids | glassy cutworms | sod webworm | turf pests |
red lily beetle | midges


Information for Teachers

lesson plans for educators


Insect Trivia

insect trivia | ladybug math | who are we? | word find

Companion Planting

Companion Planting

Companion Planting to Control Garden Pests

Companion Planting


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Frequently Asked Questions


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Last update: January 16, 2015