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Frequently Asked Questions - Minimum Qualifications

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Can I apply before I have met all the minimum qualifications if I intend to complete them once you've accepted my application (i.e. High School Equivalency, EMS or Fire Training Programs, etc.)?
You must meet all the minimum qualifications as stated in the checklist of requirements before you apply. Some documents are not required upon application but will make your application more competitive and will be required prior to your first day of recruit training.
Where can I find information on becoming eligible for employment in Canada?
Please contact the Government of Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Centre or toll free at 1-888-242-2100.
How can I determine if a medical condition I have makes me ineligible for hire?
Your physician is the best resource for information on your personal health. We encourage you to book a complete physical with your physician before you decide to submit an application to identify and/or discuss any conditions that may affect your ability to perform essential entry-level job tasks. To aid your physician in understanding the job tasks, they can contact our Occupational Health Nurse at 204-986-7819.
How can I demonstrate that I meet the immunization requirements if I do not have any childhood vaccination records?
Please contact your health provider or physician for their guidance or visit Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living to inquire how to get a record of immunization.
I do not have a copy of my high school diploma or equivalency. What will you accept as a suitable replacement?
We will accept a copy of an official school transcript providing that it clearly indicates you have met the requirements to be awarded the diploma.
I did not complete a High School Diploma. What will you accept as a suitable equivalent?
We will accept a High School Equivalency Diploma (i.e. GED), a two-year post-secondary diploma, an undergraduate or applied degree, or an apprenticeship or journeyman certificate. To find the guidelines for completing High School equivalency programs, please refer to the Provincial and Territorial Departments and Ministers Responsible for Education in Canada at Applicants who were educated outside of Canada must have their academic credentials assessed in order to determine and submit a Canadian Grade 12 equivalent. For more information please visit The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials.
Do I need to submit my original course certificates?
No, at the point of application you must submit copies of your documentation, only if you are offered employment will you be required to produce all original documents.
I do not live in Manitoba how do I determine if my driver's licence and/or demerits meet your province's driver licence standards?
For more information please visit Obtaining a driver record.
I live out of province and must wait until I become a Manitoba resident before I can transfer my driver's licence. Will you accept my out of province licence until I have this done?
Provincial equivalents will be accepted, however out of province applicants must show proof of having transferred their licence to Manitoba prior to their first day of recruit training.
How do I apply to get my Technician-Paramedic Licence in the Province of Manitoba?
Please visit the Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living website for information on applying for a licence in the Province of Manitoba EMS Personnel Licensing.
I have a Technician-Paramedic Licence from another province, how do I apply to get my Technician-Paramedic Licence in the Province of Manitoba?
Provincial equivalents will be accepted, however, out of province applicants must show proof of having transferred their license to Manitoba prior to their first day of recruit training. You would have to contact Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living directly at the Personnel Licensing, Manitoba Health, Emergency Medical Services, 1680 Ellice Avenue, Unit 7 (204-945-5300) or on their website at EMS Personnel Licensing EMS Personnel Licensing.
My Police Information Check, Vulnerable Sector Check, Child Abuse Registry Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check take several weeks and I won't have them before the job posting closes, what can I do?
Until you receive your completed check you may submit your receipt as proof of application and submit the original check when you receive it later in the process. Please be advised that this information will be required from all applicants at time of interview.
Is there a form that my doctor has to complete for the vision, hearing and chest x-ray tests?
As part of this process you can download the vision form, laser eye post op form, and the record of immunization form from our website at our website. There is no official form for the hearing and chest x-ray. Please note: These forms are only available on our website during a recruitment process only.
I have started my vaccination process for Hep A and B but have one more vaccine outstanding, can I still apply?
Yes, as long as you provide verification that you have started the process.
How do I know if I have all the required documentation?
Each job bulletin will come with an attached checklist with all of the required documentation for all positions. Make sure that you have completed the checklist and have attached all required documentation before you send in your application.
Is there an age restriction?
You must be 18 years of age in order to apply; however, there is no maximum age restriction. Candidates must be qualified and capable of successfully performing the job of a Communication Operator, Firefighter Paramedic, Firefighter or Primary Care Paramedic. These jobs demand vigorous physical abilities, coupled with high mental and academic requirements.
Do I require volunteer experience?
Although the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service does not require an applicant to have volunteer experience, it should be noted that volunteering can provide valuable experience in terms of individual development.

If you choose to volunteer your time with an organization, try to ensure your volunteer experience affords you the opportunity to deal with a variety of people. A member of our Service must have the ability to effectively deal with diversity. Volunteer work, community work, education and employment are some of the ways you can develop your expertise in dealing effectively with people.
What are you looking for in an applicant?
There is no recipe of skills and abilities that the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service is looking for. The foundation all successful applicants must build upon is honesty and integrity. The public places a great deal of trust in our members, holding them to the highest of standards.

The following are core competencies for all employees of the City of Winnipeg:

Citizen and Customer Focus
Ethics and Values
Results Oriented
Respecting Diversity
Integrity and Trust

The following are position specific competencies which would be required for the job:

Action Oriented Humour
Approachability Interpersonal Savvy
Compassion Learning on the Fly
Composure Listening
Conflict Management Patience
Dealing with Ambiguity Peer Relationships
Decision Quality Self-Knowledge
Functional / Technical Skills

The following are some common attributes demonstrated by successful applicants:

Ability to Communicate Integrity
Ability to Function Under Stress Life Experience
Ability to Learn Maturity
Ability to Make Decisions Responsibility
Dedication Teamwork
Discipline Work Ethic

As a potential applicant, you should take a thoughtful look at yourself to see if you possess all these qualities. If you feel you should develop yourself further in any of these areas, take the opportunity to do so. You may want to consider education, employment and/or volunteer work as a means to furthering your development.
Since I am not a visible minority, are my chances of being hired less than someone who is?
This is incorrect. The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service strives to hire the 'best qualified' applicant regardless of what demographic they represent.

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Last update: March 29, 2018
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