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Local Improvement Program available to upgrade gravel back lanes

Residents can initiate and cost share the construction project if 60% agree

September 26, 2019

Residents who live along a gravel back lane and want it upgraded to asphalt can take advantage of the Local Improvement Program.

The program gives property owners the option to cost share the project with some financial assistance from the City.

“When a Local Improvement is undertaken for a gravel lane, the City subsidizes a portion of the pavement costs which includes the subbase and an asphalt overlay,” said Ken Allen, Communications Officer with the Public Works Department.

Allen said if it is determined new storm drainage is required as part of the upgrades, the City will cover 100 percent of the cost of these upgrades. This can include new catch basins, manholes, and storm sewer system.

In addition to upgraded drainage, residents will also notice less dust and access to properties will be improved.

A back lane Local Improvement project in Norwood Flats.
A back lane Local Improvement project in Norwood Flats.

Allen suggests residents interested in initiating a project like this should informally survey the benefitting property owners to gauge support. The City can provide assistance in creating a handout notice for this process. If there appears to be sufficient support you may submit a request in writing for a formal petition.

The petition must be signed by at least 60 percent of the benefiting property owners in order for it to be voted on by the respective Community Committee to continue the process.

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