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Doggie Dates continues to grow in popularity

Animal Services program benefits both the dogs and volunteers

October 1, 2019

If you love dogs, are considering adopting one, or are just looking to spend some time with one, consider going on a Doggie Date.

The program, run through the City’s Animal Services Agency, is continuing to gain popularity.

“It allows residents to take an adoptable dog out for a day, overnight, a weekend, or a week,” said Leland Gordon, Animal Services’ Chief Operating Officer.

Kildonan Place and Grant Park malls allow participants to bring the dogs inside.

“The person benefits because it is improving their health and wellness by getting them out and taking dogs for walks,” said Gordon.

The dogs all have a license on and wear an ‘adopt me’ vest while on the date. Gordon said some of the dogs have been adopted because they were spotted wearing the vest in the community. In other cases, the dogs have been adopted by the people who took the pooches on the dates.

More information can be found on the Animal Services website or by contacting 311.

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