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Pet Peeves: Off-leash etiquette

Dogs can only run off-leash in designated areas

October 28, 2019

Dog owners should be aware of where they are letting their pets run off-leash within Winnipeg or they could face a fine.

“There are only certain places in Winnipeg that you can legally run your dog off leash,” said Leland Gordon, Animal Services’ Chief Operating Officer.

The Responsible Pet Ownership By-law outlines that owners are only allowed to have their dog off-leash on their own property, someone else’s property with their permission, or one of the City’s off-leash dog parks.

“If you decided for whatever reason to run your dog off-leash in an on-leash area, you could face a fine for that,” said Gordon.

Off-leash dog parks can be very busy with owners and their pets. Gordon cautions owners of skittish or aggressive dogs before bringing their pooches to the park.

Owners are also reminded it is their responsibility to pick up after their pet.

Residents who have concerns about dogs being off-leash or are looking for additional information on off-leash parks should contact 311.

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