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City of Winnipeg
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Planning, Property & Development

Commercial Inspections

The Commercial Inspections Branch provides building, plumbing/mechanical, and electrical inspection services.

Commercial Building Inspections

We conduct inspections for all commercial buildings, structures and equipment regarding foundations, structural/non-structural framework, interior and exterior claddings, rough-ins, and finishes.

Commercial Electrical Inspections
We conduct inspections of all wiring, electrical equipment/fixtures, alarm systems, and associated systems regarding electrical power sources.
Commercial Plumbing / Mechanical Inspections
These inspections are regulated through the requirements of The Manitoba Plumbing Code for all types of buildings.
Commercial Sign Inspections
We conduct inspections for all permanent commercial signs for structural, electrical and placement compliance.

Interim Changes to Commercial Building
and Plumbing/Mechanical Inspections

In response to customer demand and current staffing constraints, temporary changes in process have been put in place for building and plumbing/mechanical inspections. The following changes are designed to improve current service delivery.

Building and Plumbing/Mechanical Inspections

  1. Please call 204-986-5190 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or email to submit your inspections request. Please provide the following information with your inspection request:
    • Subject line: Commercial Inspection Request
    • Permit Number
    • Address of the Property
    • Suite/Unit Number (If Applicable)
    • Desired Inspection Date
    • Desired Inspection Time
    • Type of Inspection Required (ex. Mechanical Rough-In)
    • Contact Name and Phone Number
  2. Your request will be received and logged by the Commercial Inspections Intake Centre team and forwarded to the Inspections Branch for review. Please note, same day inspections cannot be guaranteed. You will be contacted when your request has been processed.
  3. Given current volumes of inspection requests, several new processes have been established to help review, prioritize and process building and plumbing/mechanical requests:
    • Major or complex projects (including but not limited to large scale new construction, alterations, multi-story/multi-tenancy alterations, multi-residential, high hazard and commercial demolitions) are prioritized for commercial inspections by the City. If your project fits into this category, you will be contacted by a City inspector regarding an inspection time.
    • For projects not deemed to be major/complex and where professionals and/or licensed contractors are involved, the City may accept Progress Reports, Professional Certifications and/or Licensed Contractor Declarations coupled with supporting information, as an alternative to certain inspection requirements in accordance with Section 483(3) of the City of Winnipeg Charter. If your project fits into this category, you will be contacted by the Inspections Branch to explain what information is required to allow your project to proceed.
    • For smaller scale commercial proposals that do not involve professionals and/or licensed contractors, the scope of work will be reviewed to determine how best to address inspection requirements. If your project fits into this category, you will be contacted by the Inspections Branch to explain how your inspections request will be processed.
    • Due to current demands for Occupancy Permits, the City may issue an "Open-ended Interim Occupancy Permit" (as applicable), to ensure ongoing response to industry requests and volumes.

Note: that where the City chooses to waive an immediate commercial building or mechanical inspection, those projects may be subject to an inspections audit in the future.

We will be monitoring this interim strategy and making adjustments as required.

Electrical Inspections
There are no changes to the current inspections process. Please continue to liaise directly with your designated inspector. However, and for your convenience, after regular inspector call hours (8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.), the new intake centre will take calls on behalf of electrical inspectors at 204-986-5190.

Please discuss any questions that you might have with Inspections Branch staff when you are contacted regarding any of the items noted above.

As per the City of Winnipeg Building By-law, it is the responsibility of the owner of a building to ensure that every part of the building is in compliance with the Codes that were in effect at the time of construction, alteration or renovation. This requirement applies whether or not the owner owned the building at the time that the building or part of the building was constructed, altered or renovated.

We are committed to ensuring that construction in Winnipeg is compliant with all applicable City of Winnipeg by-laws, codes and standards.

Inspections Districts Maps
Maps detailing the commercial inspector's districts and contact information.

Electrical Information Centre
Provides electrical information in brochures, by-laws, and forms.

Mechanical and Plumbing Info Centre
Provides mechanical and plumbing information in brochures, by-laws, and forms.

Last update: November 1, 2019