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Media Releases

April 9, 2014

City to construct new bike lane on Sherbrook Street

First parking protected bike lane to extend from Wolseley Avenue to Broadway

Released: 10:48 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB �' This summer, the City will construct a dedicated bike lane on Sherbrook Street between the Maryland Bridge and Cumberland Avenue and the work will include the City’s first parking protected bike lane.

A parking protected bike lane is located between the sidewalk and a lane of parked cars and is intended to separate cyclists from traffic via the parked cars. The Sherbrook Street parking protected bike lane will extend from Wolseley Avenue to Broadway.

As part of this project, a buffered bike lane (a curbside bike lane that is separated from traffic by two white painted lines on the roadway) will also be installed on Sherbrook Street from Broadway to Cumberland Avenue.

Together the parking protected bike lane and the buffered bike lane will form the north bound partner to the south bound bike lane implemented on Maryland Street in 2010.

In addition, upgrades to bus stops on Sherbrook Street will improve the quality of the pedestrian and cycling environment while reducing the possible conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.

A conceptual drawing of the new bike facility can be viewed at City of Winnipeg - Active Transportation Maps and Routes.

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Lane closure on Higgins Avenue due to water main break repairs

Released: 2:14 p.m.

Winnipeg, MB �' The eastbound curb lane of Higgins Avenue is temporarily closed from Argyle Street to Waterfront Drive while crews repair a water main break.

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City of Winnipeg issues online survey and invites stakeholders to help design the budget consultation process

Released: 2:24 p.m.

Winnipeg, MB �' As part of the 2015 Budget public consultations, the City of Winnipeg has issued an online survey to help design how citizens, City Council and the Public Service will be engaged in this process. The survey is intended to gather input and insights from past engagement experiences to build this plan for public engagement.

The survey is available on the City of Winnipeg website at from Wednesday, April 9 to Sunday, April 20.

In the coming months there will be opportunities to talk about what city services and infrastructure mean to you in-person, at events and festivals and online to ensure that Winnipeggers in all parts of the city have a meaningful opportunity to get involved and share their views.

Dialogue Partners is a public engagement consulting firm who has been selected by the City through a competitive bid process to act as a neutral third party to plan, facilitate and report on the consultation, in order to ensure that all voices are heard.

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Frozen Pipes Bulletin #23: Update on frozen water pipes

64 additional properties identified as being at an increased risk, advised to prevent interruption of water service before it happens

Released: 2:40 p.m.

Winnipeg, MB �' City of Winnipeg officials today advise that, to prevent an interruption of service before it happens, an additional 64 properties have been identified as being at an increased risk of the City's portion of the water pipe freezing (from the water main to the shut-off valve, usually at the property line).

Starting this afternoon, City staff are notifying residents at these properties by telephone and a hand delivered notice to start leaving one cold water tap running at a trickle (about the amount of a drinking straw) all the time to prevent the water pipe from freezing and interrupting their water service.

Citizens can also search their addresses on the City’s Electronic Citizens' Information Service - e-CIS - on the website at to find out whether or not their property is currently identified as being at an increased risk of the City's portion of the water pipe freezing.

To reduce the number of new reports of frozen water pipes, City staff remain vigilant at monitoring and identifying properties in need of preventative action. Even with the warmer temperatures, the risk of frozen pipes will continue until the frost is out of the ground, which could be as late as June.  Properties advised to run cold water are urged to continue to do so until the City advises them to stop.

A total of 7,320 properties have now been proactively advised to take this preventative measure to prevent the City’s portion of the water pipe from freezing.

If property owners do not receive a notice from the City of Winnipeg, it is important that they do not leave their water running due to operational risks that such an action could have on our water and sewer systems (e.g., sewer backup, basement flooding, sewage treatment plant upset).

This year, Winnipeg has experienced a sudden and dramatic increase in frozen water pipes due to prolonged periods of frigid temperatures and deeper-than-usual frost penetration into the ground. This is Winnipeg’s coldest winter since 1898 and the frost is currently at an average of about seven to eight feet deep below pavement surfaces.

For more information about frozen pipes, please visit

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Last update: April 9, 2014