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Media Releases

July 4, 2014

Election Day Employment Opportunity

Released: 8:47 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB - The 2014 General Civic Election for the City of Winnipeg will be held on Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Eligible voters will have the opportunity to cast ballots for Mayor, Councillors and School Trustees.

The City of Winnipeg is currently looking for individuals to work in the 2014 General Civic Election.

If you are 18 years of age or older and interested in becoming an Election Officer, please contact us by:

Phone: 311
TTY Access Line: 204-986-1311
Website: and fill out the online form

All applicants will be contacted by telephone.

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Proposed City by-law intended to support and celebrate winter activities on our waterways

New by-law would regulate frozen waterways to better ensure ease of use and public safety

Released: 10:31 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB - A new, proposed by-law that is being recommended by the Winnipeg Public Service would regulate winter activities on frozen waterways and promote public safety.

In recent years, Winnipeg has realized the potential of its frozen rivers and lakes, with activities like The Forks river trail for ice skating and initiatives like pop-up restaurants becoming increasingly popular. The City of Winnipeg is committed to facilitating and celebrating these winter activities, recognizing that they enrich the culture of our city and the well-being of our residents.

The proposed by-law would replace the existing Frozen Waterways Bylaw, and is intended to:

  • Recognize that frozen waterways (i.e., ice surfaces) are a public resource with no clear property ownership, zoning permission or limitations, and government jurisdiction.
  • Create a balance between allowing, facilitating and permitting the many unregulated activities that occur on ice surfaces from skating, cross-country skiing and tobogganing to annual events like The Forks skating trail or temporary restaurants.
  • Promote public safety and consider safety factors such as ice thickness and access for emergency vehicles.
  • Ensure that materials, structures, and objects are removed prior to the ice melting and do not pose a threat to the condition of our waterways.

This by-law would feature some enhancements, although the requirements for obtaining a permit under the by-law would remain largely unchanged, including:

  • Wider consideration for commercial activities and buildings or structures, and
  • Clearer information for applicants as to when a permit is required, and for which activities.

The City currently manages activities and vehicle traffic on frozen waterways via the existing Frozen Waterways By-law (6582/95) and through permits issued by the Winnipeg Police Service.

The administrative report will be considered by the Standing Policy Committee on Downtown Development, Heritage and Riverbank Management at its meeting Monday, July 7.

24-hour public notice
Adult nuisance mosquito fogging program to begin

Released: 12:31 p.m.

Winnipeg, MB - To date, the Public Works Department’s Insect Control Branch (ICB) has used a combination of larviciding and residual treatments to control mosquito populations. These measures alone are no longer sufficient to control the current adult nuisance mosquito population. Therefore, an adult nuisance mosquito fogging program is now being implemented. Fogging will commence on Saturday, July 5, 2014, between 9:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.

Adulticiding Factor Analysis (AFA)

Based on the Adulticiding Factor Analysis (AFA) factors, which include trap counts, the city-wide AFA rating moved from MEDIUM to HIGH on Thursday, July 3, 2014.

Today, July 4, 2014, the city-wide New Jersey Light Trap count is 223.

In order for a nuisance mosquito fogging program to occur, the City of Winnipeg’s Adult Nuisance Mosquito Control Policy and the Provincial Pesticide Use Permit define three conditions that must be met:

  • The Adulticiding Factor Analysis, which is one city-wide rating, must be HIGH; and
  • A minimum city-wide average trap count threshold of 25 female mosquitoes for 2 consecutive nights; and
  • One or more of the quadrants of the city are in the range of 100 female adult mosquitoes.

At this time, all of these conditions have been met.

Daily Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will be released daily at least eight hours in advance of fogging. These PSAs will identify the Insect Management Areas the ICB is planning to treat that evening, weather permitting. Until further notice, fogging will be carried out on a daily basis between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. Fogging will not occur when temperatures are below 13 degrees Celsius and/or when wind speeds are not conducive to fogging.

General Information

All Winnipeg neighbourhoods have been grouped into 51Insect Management Areas. Information on all fogging activities will be provided by referencing the specific Insect Management Area in which treatment is to be carried out. Citizens can find out which Insect Management Area they reside in by calling 311 or by going to the Insect Control website.

In addition, the ICB offers an automated telephone and email notification system. Residents who register for this service will receive daily phone or e-mail notifications during all fogging for adult mosquito control. To register for the automated email or telephone notification systems, citizens can go to the Insect Control website or call 311.

The insecticide Pro Malathion ULVâ will be used. This insecticide has been approved for use in Canada by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency. Pro Malathion ULVâ will be used in accordance with federally approved label directions by licensed pesticide applicators.

All buffer zones will be respected. Crews will ensure that the sprayer is not treating within 90 metres on each side of a registered property on the front street, side street, and rear lane.

Property owners not wanting insecticides applied on or adjacent to their principal residence may register as “Anti-Pesticide Registrants” (APR) for the adult nuisance mosquito control program. Those who wish to register must provide identification that ties the registrant to the address being registered for a buffer zone. A photocopy or scanned document such as a driver’s licence or a utility bill will suffice as acceptable identification proving primary residence.

The ICB will have extended hours today and tomorrow to process in-person APR requests at the following location and times:
1539 Waverley Street
Friday, July 4, 2014 from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, July 5, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Please remember to bring a piece of accepted identification that ties the registrant to the address being registered.

These are the following options to register for the above:

Personal notification by telephone and/or email of the mosquito control program activities is also available by:

The ICB continues the aggressive larviciding program in response to the substantial rainfall events in and around Winnipeg in the last two weeks.The ICB also continues to apply residual treatments using environmentally sensitive permethrin-based products where localized emergences of adult mosquito populations have occurred on City of Winnipeg property (parks, cemeteries and rights-of-way).

All 18 holes at Windsor Park Golf Course reopen tomorrow

Released: 2:06 P.m.

Winnipeg, MB - Residents are advised that all 18 holes at the Windsor Park Golf Course will be open starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 5. Auto carts are now operating as usual at Windsor Park Golf Course and Kildonan Park Golf Course.

All City golf courses are now back to normal operations after City crews worked to restore courses following last week’s severe weather events.

For more information on courses, tee times and reservations, please visit the Winnipeg Golf Services website or contact 311, open 24 hours every day, by phone at 311 or by email at .

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City's East Yard Complex receives LEED Gold Certification

City exceeds LEED Silver Certification, achieves prestigious designation recognizing higher standard in green building practices

Released: 3:37 P.m.

Winnipeg, MB - Today, the City of Winnipeg announced that the Public Works Department’s East Yard Complex, officially opened in March 2014, recently achieved LEED Gold Certification recognizing design, construction and operation to a high standard of performance in environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Completed on time and on budget, the approximately 124,000 square foot East Yard Complex consists of five buildings including a field office, garage, shops, and storage facilities located on a former landfill site at 960 Thomas Avenue.

“The City is proud that we were able to reach LEED Gold Certification and raise the ‘green bar’ for our city-owned facilities,” said Councillor Justin Swandel, Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works. “We have been moving forward on green building design in Winnipeg since implementing the City’s Green Building Policy, and the East Yard Complex is yet another example of the high standards we continue to achieve.”

Building project administrators submitted an application for Silver Certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, and recently learned that the building had exceeded this grade and achieved Gold Certification. The Sturgeon Heights Community Centre, officially opened in April 2012, also holds LEED Gold Certification.

“This new facility has allowed us to be more efficient and effective in the delivery of services to citizens,” said City of Winnipeg Public Works Director Brad Sacher. “We’re proud to be working out of a facility that has been constructed to such high standards.”

The City’s Green Building policy, approved by Council in July, 2010 and implemented January 1, 2011, requires the Public Service to use green building rating systems in the development of buildings for its operations, to have reduced environmental impact.

“On behalf of all the members ofthe Manitoba Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council, I would like to congratulate the City of Winnipeg for achieving a LEED Gold certification for this project,” said Dawn Fraser, Manitoba Chapter Chairperson. “The leadership exhibited by going beyond the minimum standard in their own Green Building Policy is inspiring. Actions like this result in lower operating costs, a healthier building for staff and customers and a positive environmental impact."

The East Yard Complex houses the Streets Maintenance East Area, Parks & Open Space East Area, Parks & Open Space Centralized Services, and Bridge Operations. A new Fleet Management Agency facility is also located within the 50-acre site in order to provide more localized fleet maintenance services on the east side of the city. The facility includes space for 200 - 273 staff, depending on the season.

Moving several functions to the new complex allowed the City to vacate a number of properties which were beyond their useful life, and will save an estimated $15 million over the next 30 years. These savings are a result of reduced operating costs such as energy costs, service delivery efficiencies, and future tax revenues from development of vacated properties.

The mission of the Manitoba Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council is to be a leader in thegreen building community, to showcase local innovation and inspire our stakeholders to create life-enhancing built environments that are healthy places to live, work and play.

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Proposal to address homelessness in Winnipeg

$4 million TIF grant recommended for Siloam Mission

Released: 4:03 p.m.

Winnipeg, MB - The Winnipeg Public Service is recommending to the Executive Policy Committee a plan to provide a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) grant for $4 million be awarded to Siloam Mission to assist in the creation of housing opportunities for people seeking shelter.

The proposed housing development involves 160 housing units between the streets of Stanley, Princess, Logan and Henry.

“This recommendation comes as a result of direction that came from the January 24, 2014 Standing Policy Committee on Finance to consider options as to how to assist Siloam Mission in their goal to expand the services they offer to those who find themselves in vulnerable situations,” said Barry Thorgrimson, Director of Planning, Property and Development. “By providing help through a TIF grant, we can extend this help without impacting City of Winnipeg operating budgets.”

The TIF grant would be up to 50 years to achieve approximately $4 million.

“This grant by the City of Winnipeg recognizes the value of every citizen,” said Floyd Perras, Executive Director of Siloam Mission. “It will provide for a new Frontline Services Centre for hundreds of people daily and thousands annually. It will be a place where people can receive meals, clothing, health and employment services and transitional supports that they desperately need. With this expanded facility, Siloam Mission will be able serve three times the number meals in one sitting and ensure no one has to stand in the cold, rain or blistering heat while they wait for a meal or for a bed for night.”

This proposal will be considered at the July 9 meeting of Executive Policy Committee. The link to the report can be viewed here.

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Water feeder main construction project continues until end of August 2014

Released: 4:15 p.m.

Winnipeg, MB - The completion date for work that began in mid-February 2014 to replace a section of aging water feeder main at the intersection of Eldridge Avenue and Haney Street has been extended by two months and is now expected to be the end of August. This work could cause discoloured water on occasion for some residents in Charleswood, Tuxedo, St. James, Brooklands, and St. Charles.

A feeder main is a large pressurized water pipe that carries water from a pumping station to the water main network. Unlike a water main, it does not have connections to homes or businesses along its route.

Residents that notice their water is discoloured should:

  • Turn on a cold water tap and let the water run for a few minutes. It is best to use a bathtub tap as there is no screen to trap any sediment.
  • Catch some water in a light-coloured cup. If the water isn’t clear, turn off the tap, wait 30 minutes and try again. Discoloured water usually doesn't last long. If the water still isn't clear after waiting two to three hours, contact 311, open 24 hours every day, by phone at 311 or by email at

Significant progress has been made over the last five months to implement measures to address discoloured water. While it is expected to take approximately two years to implement all the measures, residents can expect a gradual reduction in discoloured water as each measure is completed.

Residents can find:

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Last update: July 4, 2014