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City of Winnipeg
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Census Information

Accessibility 2001 Census

City of Winnipeg Neighbourhood Cluster Profiles

Census Profiles are available thanks to Statistics Canada and the Community Data Network, of which the City of Winnipeg is a member. The 2001 Census represents the most current socioeconomic information available.

Click on the map to get information on a neighbourhood cluster.

Neighbourhood Clusters

Assiniboine South Neighbourhood Cluster

Assiniboine South Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Assiniboine South Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Downtown East Neighbourhood Cluster

Downtown East Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Downtown East Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Downtown West Neighbourhood Cluster

Downtown West Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Downtown West Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Fort Garry North Neighbourhood Cluster

Fort Garry North Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Fort Garry North Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Fort Garry South Neighbourhood Cluster

Fort Garry South Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Fort Garry South Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Inkster East Neighbourhood Cluster

Inkster East Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Inkster East Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Inkster West Neighbourhood Cluster

Inkster West Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Inkster West Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Point Douglas North Neighbourhood Cluster

Point Douglas North Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Point Douglas North Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Point Douglas South Neighbourhood Cluster

Point Douglas South Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Point Douglas South Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

River East East Neighbourhood Cluster

River East East Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
River East East Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

River East South Neighbourhood Cluster

River East South Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
River East South Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

River East West Neighbourhood Cluster

River East West Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
River East West Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

River Heights East Neighbourhood Cluster

River Heights East Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
River Heights East Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

River Heights West Neighbourhood Cluster

River Heights West Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
River Heights West Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Seven Oaks East Neighbourhood Cluster

Seven Oaks East Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Seven Oaks East Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Seven Oaks West Neighbourhood Cluster

Seven Oaks West Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Seven Oaks West Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

St. Boniface East Neighbourhood Cluster

St. Boniface East Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
St. Boniface East Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

St. Boniface West Neighbourhood Cluster

St. Boniface West Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
St. Boniface West Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

St. James - Assiniboia East Neighbourhood Cluster

St. James - Assiniboia East Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
St. James - Assiniboia East Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

St. James - Assiniboia West Neighbourhood Cluster

St. James - Assiniboia West Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
St. James - Assiniboia West Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

St. Vital North Neighbourhood Cluster

St. Vital North Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
St. Vital North Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

St. Vital South Neighbourhood Cluster

St. Vital South Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
St. Vital South Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Transcona Neighbourhood Cluster

Transcona Neighbourhood Cluster.pdf
Transcona Neighbourhood Cluster.xls

Last update: 22.04.2009

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