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City of Winnipeg
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Census Information

Accessibility 2001 Census

City of Winnipeg Selected Census Topics

Census information is available thanks to Statistics Canada and the Community Data Network, of which the City of Winnipeg is a member. The 2001 Census represents the most current socioeconomic information available.

Thematic Maps  |  Data Tables

Thematic Maps


Average Gross Rent.pdf
Average Value of Dwelling.pdf
Dwellings in Need of Major Repair.pdf
Home Ownership.pdf


Average Household Income.pdf
Low Income Households.pdf

Labour Force

Unemployment Rate Age 15 to 24.pdf
Unemployment Rate Age 25 and Over.pdf


Aboriginal Identity.pdf
Average Number of Children.pdf
Average Number of Persons.pdf
Population Age 14 and Under.pdf
Population Age 60 and Over.pdf
Population Change.pdf
Population Density.pdf
Visible Minorities.pdf


Public Transit Use.pdf

Data Tables

Aboriginal Identity

Aboriginal Identity by Cluster.pdf
Aboriginal Identity by Cluster.xls
Aboriginal Identity by Neighbourhood.pdf
Aboriginal Identity by Neighbourhood.xls

Dwelling Condition

Dwelling Condition by Cluster.pdf
Dwelling Condition by Cluster.xls
Dwelling Condition by Neighbourhood.pdf
Dwelling Condition by Neighbourhood.xls

Dwelling Costs

Dwelling Costs by Cluster.pdf
Dwelling Costs by Cluster.xls
Dwelling Costs by Neighbourhood.pdf
Dwelling Costs by Neighbourhood.xls

Educational Attainment

Educational Attainment by Cluster.pdf
Educational Attainment by Cluster.xls
Educational Attainment by Neighbourhood.pdf
Educational Attainment by Neighbourhood.xls


Income by Cluster.pdf
Income by Cluster.xls
Income by Neighbourhood.pdf
Income by Neighbourhood.xls

Labour Force Activity

Labour Force Activity by Cluster.pdf
Labour Force Activity by Cluster.xls
Labour Force Activity by Neighbourhood.pdf
Labour Force Activity by Neighbourhood.xls

Mobility of Population

Mobility by Cluster.pdf
Mobility by Cluster.xls
Mobility by Neighbourhood.pdf
Mobility by Neighbourhood.xls

Mode of Transport

Mode of Transport by Cluster.pdf
Mode of Transport by Cluster.xls
Mode of Transport by Neighbourhood.pdf
Mode of Transport by Neighbourhood.xls


Population by Cluster.pdf
Population by Cluster.xls
Population by Neighbourhood.pdf
Population by Neighbourhood.xls

Population 14 and Under

Population 14 and Under by Cluster.pdf
Population 14 and Under by Cluster.xls
Population 14 and Under by Neighbourhood.pdf
Population 14 and Under by Neighbourhood.xls

Population 60 and Over

Population 60 and Over by Cluster.pdf
Population 60 and Over by Cluster.xls
Population 60 and Over by Neighbourhood.pdf
Population 60 and Over by Neighbourhood.xls

Recent Immigration

Recent Immigration by Cluster.pdf
Recent Immigration by Cluster.xls
Recent Immigration by Neighbourhood.pdf
Recent Immigration by Neighbourhood.xls

Visible Minorities

Visible Minorities by Cluster.pdf
Visible Minorities by Cluster.xls
Visible Minorities by Neighbourhood.pdf
Visible Minorities by Neighbourhood.xls

Last update: 28.01.2014

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