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City of Winnipeg
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COVID-19: City of Winnipeg response and latest updates on City facilities and services COVID-19 : Mesures prises par la Ville de Winnipeg et dernières nouvelles sur les installations et services municipaux
Community Services


Recreation Equipment Loans

Indoor pools (excluding Eldon Ross and St. James Civic Centre) are now open for aquatic sports groups, lane swimming, aquatic fitness classes, and limited public swimming.

Select fitness and leisure centres are now open for limited fitness service only.

Select indoor arenas are now open for casual ice rentals and public skating.

Residents are encouraged to book two-hour swim, fitness and skating blocks prior to arriving at the facilities, as there is no guarantee of available blocks for registration upon arrival.

The Spring 2021 Leisure Guide and Spring 2021 Leisure Guide Skating brochure are available online. Register now for all spring activities except swimming.

The Spring 2021 Leisure Guide Swimming brochure, containing Learn to Swim activities, will be available online as of April 13, 2021. Registration for Winnipeg residents will begin at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

Les piscines intérieures (sauf la piscine Eldon-Ross et du centre municipal de St. James) viennent de rouvrir aux groupes de sport aquatique, à la nage en longueur, aux cours d’aquaforme et, de façon limitée, au bain public.

Certains centres de conditionnement physique et de loisirs sont désormais ouverts pour des services de conditionnement physique limités seulement.

Certains arénas sont désormais ouverts pour la location de patinoire occasionnelle et le patinage public.

On encourage les membres du public à réserver un bloc de natation, de conditionnement physique ou de patinage de deux heures avant d’arriver aux installations, car il n’y aura pas nécessairement assez de place pour s’inscrire à l’improviste.

Vous trouverez le Guide Loisirs du printemps 2021 et la brochure de patinage associée en ligne. Vous pouvez vous inscrire dès maintenant à n’importe quel programme du printemps, sauf la natation.

La brochure de natation du Guide Loisirs, qui contient les programmes Apprendre à nager, sera mise en ligne le 13 avril 2021. Les personnes qui résident à Winnipeg pourront s’inscrire à partir de 8 h le 20 avril 2021.

Equipment loans are suspended. Visit the COVID-19 website for a comprehensive listing of service impacts.

Equipment Available for Loan

Items with appearing next to them can be clicked to display a picture.

Picnic Kits

Picnic kit 1
(2-4 participants)

  • Horseshoes
    (2 sticks, 4 horseshoes)
  • Mini Croquet set
    (4 mallets, 10 wickets)
  • Mini Ring toss
    (1 stand, 4 rings)

Picnic kit 2
(2-12 participants)

  • 3 scoops
  • 3 wiffle balls
  • 8 three-legged race ties
  • 8 potato sacks
  • Egg and Spoon race
    (comes with 3 spoons)

Assorted Sports Kit

12+ participants

  • 1 basketball
  • 1 foam football
  • 1 foam soccer ball
  • 1 leather/rubber football
  • 1 rubber soccer ball
  • 1 play ball – 10”
  • 2 rhinoskin balls – 6”
  • 3 frisbees

Sport Kits

2-4 participants

  • 1 net
  • 4 racquets
  • 6 shuttlecocks
  • Court boundary rope
  • Guide ropes
  • Poles
  • Stakes

5-12+ participants

  • 1 catcher’s equipment set (mask, chest protector, shin guards)
  • 1 set of bases
    (including home plate)
  • 5 baseball bats
  • 5 gloves
  • 5 softballs

2-4 participants

  • 1 white target ball
  • 6 colour balls

2+ participants

  • 1 lightweight plastic bowling ball
  • 10 lightweight plastic pins

2-10 participants

  • 2 broomballs
  • 4 pylons
  • 10 broomball bats

2-4 participants

  • 2 stakes
  • 4 balls
  • 4 mallets
  • 10 wickets

Floor Hockey
2-10 participants

  • 2 floor hockey balls
  • 2 floor hockey pucks
  • 2 goalie equipment sets (helmets, sticks, pads, gloves)
  • 8 pylons
  • 10 floor hockey sticks

2+ participants

  • 2 rubber soccer balls
  • 10 pylons

2-10+ participants

  • 1 set of bases
    (including home plate)
  • 1 T-ball stand
  • 3 T-ball bats
  • 3 T-balls

2-12 participants

  • 1 ball bump
  • 1 volleyball net
  • 2 volleyballs
  • Court boundary rope
  • Guide ropes
  • Stakes

Carnival Games

Games are approximately 3 feet × 4 feet in size or larger, unless otherwise noted.

Animal Toss

Each game include six rubber animals.

Beanbag Toss

Each game includes six beanbags unless otherwise noted.

Football Toss

Each game includes three foam footballs. Approximately 3 feet × 5 feet in size or larger.

Frisbee Toss

Each game includes four frisbees.

Hockey Shoot

Each game includes two hockey sticks & two pucks or balls.

Other Carnival Games

  • Alligator Bowling (1 ball & 6 rubber alligators)
  • Drop the Ball (3 balls)
  • Fishpond (1 fish pond, 2 poles, 12 magnetic sea animals)
  • Kerplink (3 pucks)
  • Lollipop Tree (lollipops not included)
  • Mini-golf (2 putters & 2 balls)
  • Role and Score
  • Stand Up
  • Triple Threat (4 mini basketballs, 2 foam footballs, 2 gas balls, instruction manual, power cord, scoreboard if available. Size: 3.5' wide × 7' height x 2' deep.)
  • Ultimate Putting (2 putters & 2 balls)

Ring Toss

Each game includes four regular or coiled rings. Coiled rings increase difficulty level.

Soccer Shoot

Each game includes two foam soccer balls.

Softball/Wiffleball Toss

Each game includes three balls.

Specialty Items

  • 3-legged race ties (10 ties)
  • 4-way tug of war rope
  • BBQ
  • Fire pits
  • Gymnic balls (Earth balls) (30" - 46")
  • Horseshoes (2 plastic stakes, 4 plastic horseshoes)
  • Hula hoops (includes 10 hoops, sizes 24" & 30")
  • Megaphone
  • Mini ring toss (1 stand, 4 rings)
  • Parachutes (sizes available - 6', 12', 20', 30')
  • Potato sack set (10 sacks)
  • Pylons (10 pylons)
  • Smoosh skis (cooperative skis for team races)
  • Snow painting (12 spray bottles, 4 colours)
  • Snowshoes (17"–27" sizes available)
  • Tug of war rope (50' or 100')


Rental Fees (Effective January 3, 2019)

Games/Kits/Specialty Items
1 Game/Kit/Specialty Item $22.93 (incl. GST)
Additional Games/Kits/Specialty Items $10.93 each (incl. GST)
Damage Deposit (per Game/Kit/Secialty Item) $50 and up

Maximum 7 games/kits/specialty items per loan.

10'x10' canopy tent $22.60 (incl. GST)

Other Information

  • The renter is responsible for pick-up and return of all equipment
  • Non-residents will incur a 20% surcharge on all rental fees

Terms and Conditions

Fees & Damage Deposit

  • Rental fees must be paid at time of booking by credit, debit or Recreation gift card only
  • Damage deposit applies to each rental order
  • Full damage deposit refundable if equipment is returned in good condition
  • If equipment is damaged or lost, cost of replacement will be retained from damage deposit
  • Damage deposit payable minimum 1 business day prior to pick up via credit, debit or Recreation gift card only

Pick up & Return policy (excluding tent rentals)

  • Pick up time is Monday through Friday 12:00pm to 3:00pm. No pickups during weekends or statutory holidays.
  • Return time is Monday through Friday 8:30am to 11:30am. No returns during weekends or statutory holidays.
  • The daily rate will be applied for late rental returns, and for each additional day until the equipment is returned

Cancellation policy

  • Request for cancellation must be made 1 business week prior to pick up date for full refund. A cancellation fee may apply.
  • Rental cost will be retained if cancelled in lieu of 1 business week’s notice of pick up date

Privacy Statement

Personal information is collected under and protected by S. 36(1)(b) of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal information will be used to support the City of Winnipeg’s Leisure Guide program provision, including program registration, emergency contact, program promotion and evaluation, compliance with contractual obligations and to share with appropriate certifying bodies (where applicable). If you have any questions about the collection of this information, contact the Corporate Access and Privacy Officer by mail to City Clerk’s Department, Susan A. Thompson Building, 510 Main Street, Winnipeg MB, R3B 1B9, or by telephone at 311.

Equipment Loan Fee Waivers

The City of Winnipeg has a fee subsidy program for qualifying individuals and organizations which includes waived fees for equipment loans.

Please submit both the equipment loans form and fee waiver request form to cms‑ Note that all equipment loan rentals are subject to a refundable damage deposit.

Last update: November 20, 2020

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