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City of Winnipeg
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Corporate Finance

Capital Expenditures Monthly Report

Open Data Open Data records begin with January 31, 2016 reporting.

The Capital Expenditures Monthly Report provides information concerning the Public Service’s delivery of approved capital projects and programs, thereby enhancing accountability to the public. Reporting on the progress of all open capital projects and programs supports the Public Service in ensuring that financial resources are being utilized in a timely manner and properly prioritized.


Month PDF Date Updated:
May PDF June 13, 2019
April PDF May 8, 2019
March PDF April 25, 2019
February PDF March 21, 2019
January PDF March 18, 2019


Month PDF Date Updated:
December PDF February 20, 2019
November PDF December 7, 2018
October PDF November 7, 2018
September PDF October 12, 2018
August PDF September 10, 2018
July PDF August 14, 2018
June PDF July 16, 2018
May PDF June 18, 2018
April PDF May 15, 2018
March PDF May 15, 2018
February PDF April 23, 2018
January PDF April 23, 2018


Month PDF Date Updated:
December PDF March 2, 2018
November PDF December 7, 2017
October PDF November 7, 2017
September PDF October 11, 2017
August PDF September 18, 2017
July PDF August 11, 2017
June PDF July 13, 2017
May PDF June 13, 2017
April PDF June 13, 2017
March PDF April 12, 2017
February PDF March 15, 2017
January PDF March 10, 2017


Month PDF Date Updated:
December PDF March 7, 2017
November PDF December 14, 2016
October PDF November 15, 2016
September PDF October 14, 2016
August PDF September 13, 2016
July PDF August 11, 2016
June PDF July 14, 2016
May PDF June 15, 2016
April PDF May 11, 2016
March PDF April 15, 2016
February PDF March 15, 2016
January PDF March 15, 2016


Month PDF Excel Date Updated:
December PDF Excel March 15, 2016
November PDF Excel December 14, 2015
October PDF Excel November 13, 2015
September PDF Excel October 13, 2015
August PDF Excel September 4, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

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What projects and programs are listed in this report?

Only approved active projects and programs are listed in this report.

What is the time period for the project financial details being reported?

This report provides project/program costs and budgets from the project year to the "Report as of" date.

Why are there no adopted budgets for some projects?

Projects with no adopted budgets are those projects approved outside the annual adopted capital budget process. Projects with adopted budgets are approved through the annual adopted capital budget process.

It appears some project descriptions are incomplete, why is this so?

The Project Description field only allows up to 30 characters. Many descriptions for projects and programs are much longer than the allowable limit. Every effort is made to have the descriptions as informative and concise as possible in the limited space available.

Last update: June 13, 2019