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Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service

Fire Safety Tips and Pamphlets

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service - Fire safety pamphlets can be offered electronically, in large print format or Braille upon request.

  • After the Fire - Returning to Normal - WPFS
    • Fire Extinguishment- Property Insurance- If you are unable to stay in your home- Utilities- Counselling Support- Care of Documents- Pets- Salvage Hints- Hazardous Materials- Food Management
  • Youth Fire Stop Program - OFC
    • An educational intervention program- Goals of the program- How does the program work?- Who sets fires?- Levels of concern- As a parent, what can you do?
  • Cooking on a Barbecue - OFC
    • Charcoal and Propane- Charcoal Grill- Gas Grill- Transporting your tank
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers fight of Flight - OFC
    • Extinguisher location and maintenance- Using your portable fire extinguisher- Fight or Flight- Classes of Fire- Choosing the correct portable fire extinguisher
  • Smoke Alarm Facts - OFC
    • Where do your smoke alarms go?- Can you hear your smoke alarm at night?- How to choose a smoke alarm- Maintaining your smoke alarm- Be prepared for the sound of your smoke alarm
  • Fire Escape Planning, at work; at home - OFC
    • Fire escape planning at work- Fire escape planning at home- How to develop a fire escape plan- Practice your escape plan- Common causes of fire
  • Kitchen Fire Safety - OFC
    • Grease fires- Oven fires- Microwave oven fires
  • Fire Safety for Older Adults - OFC
    • Why are older adults at risk?- Tips to remember- Smoke alarms can save your life- Maintaining your smoke alarm is just as important- Plan your escape and practice it- In case of fire, know when to go- React fast to fire
  • 10 Tips for Fire Safety - OFC
    • Smoke Alarms- Have a fire escape plan- Install a carbon monoxide detector- Practice kitchen fire safety- Keep matches and lighters out of sight- Careless smoking causes fires- Use electricity safely- Space heaters and portable heaters- Housekeeping- Stop, drop, and roll
  • Baby Sitter's Fire Safety Tips - OFC
    • Life first, property last- An escape plan- Stay with the kids- Safety tips- Matches and lighters- Space heaters and portable heaters- If you hear an alarm, get out and stay out- If you can´t get to the children- Emergency information
  • Fire Consumes Jobs - OFC
    • No fuel, no Fire! Paramedic Service- Hot works- Electricity- Flammable liquids and gasoline- Fire protection is job protection
  • Office Fire Safety - OFC
    • Smoking- Electricity- Power bars- Appliances- Housekeeping- Plan ahead- What employers must do- What employees must do- What to do if fire strikes

Last update: December 6, 2017
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