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What happens after all the yard waste is collected?

A look behind the scenes at how the City recycles yard waste

November 26, 2018

The yard waste collected curbside might start out as leaves and branches, but it is eventually turned into compost.

All the yard waste collected throughout Winnipeg and at the 4R Depots ends up being piled into long rows, known as windrows, at the Brady Road Resource Management Facility to be composted.

“There is a process everything goes through,” said Mark Kinsley, Waste Diversion Supervisor.

Yard waste is brought to the Brady Road Resource Management Facility Compost at various stages at the Brady Road Resource Management Facility A large machine is used to turn the compost The compost is sifted to remove any large materials The finished compost product

The material is put through a series of temperature and moisture content testing as well as sprayed with water to help the composting process. A large machine then regularly drives over the windrows to turn the compost.

It takes between eight to 12 weeks for the curing process to take place.

When the compost is ready, it is used on site at the Brady Road Resource Management Facility for landscaping and in City parks.

“We are also able to sell it to soil manufacturers where they will combine it and use it as an enrichment additive,” said Kinsley.

The City of Winnipeg introduced curbside yard waste collection in 2012. Kinsley said Winnipeggers have embraced the service.

“We appreciate everyone’s participation in the program,” he said.

In 2017, 31,309 tonnes of yard waste was diverted from the landfill. Of that, 21,925 tonnes were picked up at the curb and the remaining 3,284 tonnes was dropped off at the 4R Winnipeg Depots.

While yard waste is collected at the curb from April to November, it can be brought to any of the three 4R Winnipeg Depots to be composted.

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