How to get traffic information at your fingertips

Winnipeg’s Traffic Management Centre shares what’s happening in real-time

February 20, 2019

If you don’t like waiting in traffic or want to know what is happening on the streets of Winnipeg, the City’s Traffic Management Centre (TMC) has plenty of information you’ll be interested in.

Using a network of 160 cameras, TMC employees can see what is happening on the roads in real-time. They can locate stalled vehicles, collisions causing delays, construction projects, snow clearing crews, and other things that might affect your commute.

“The cameras allow us to see 544 kilometers, which is more than 57 percent of our regional road network,” said Jonathan Foord, with the City’s Traffic Signals Branch.

The TMC can then work to resolve the incident, if possible. Depending on the situation, other City crews could be called in to assist, while traffic signals can be remotely adjusted when beneficial. In 2018, the TMC made 1247 traffic signal timing changes to improve vehicle flow.

That information is also shared on the @WinnipegTMC Twitter account and on the Waze app for everyone to use.

“Residents have never before had this much access to timely, detailed, and accurate traffic information when and where they need it,” said Foord.

The Twitter account shares short videos and images captured by the TMC cameras of incidents impacting traffic. Protections are in place to ensure what is shared does not breach anyone’s privacy.

If you have Twitter and follow @WinnipegTMC, you can choose to turn on notifications for the account by pressing the bell next to ‘Following’. Make sure you check your Twitter settings to choose how to receive the notifications.

Similar to when you receive a text message, you will get @WinnipegTMC tweets on your phone, even if you don’t have Twitter open.

You can get similar information through Waze and can even help other motorists by reporting what you’re seeing on the roads using the voice activated hands-free feature using voice commands.

The TMC will then investigate and attempt to resolve the issue if possible.

It is important to remember to only use the phone if it’s safe and legal to do so and always on hands-free mode when driving.

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