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Preparing for spring a significant job for City of Winnipeg

Crews are busy filling potholes and clearing catch basins

March 8, 2021

The snow melt brings a busy time of year for crews at the City of Winnipeg. With temperatures changing from warm during the day to cooler at night, a variety of activities are ongoing to ensure street maintenance and flood preparation work is done.


Potholes are starting to appear on city streets because of the temperature changes.

Crews are working to repair those potholes as quick as possible. A cold mix compound is being used that works best in cold, wet conditions.

These patches are only temporary until hot asphalt can be used beginning in May.

It is important for residents to report any potholes by contacting 311. That way crews are repair them.

Frozen Catch basins

The spring melt can cause water to pool in streets and back lanes. This is because a nearby catch basin is blocked by ice.

When that happens, crews will use a steaming machine to thaw the ice and allow for the water to properly drain. The process only takes a few minutes.

Ditch Clearing

Crews are also working to improve drainage along the ditches in Winnipeg.

Rubber tire excavators are used to clear the the snow and ice from the ditches with steaming crews used to melt the ice in the culverts.

This helps prevent overland flooding on properties.

Residents can report any drainage issues on streets, back lanes, or ditches by contacting 311.

Sanding and Salting Streets

The fluctuating temperature also has crews working to improve traction on the roadways.

When the temperature is below -7°C, sand is used on the streets. If is warmer than -7°C, crews apply salt instead.

Contact 311 if you encounter a roadway that could use sand or salt so crews are aware and can address it.

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