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Easy ways to reduce your energy consumption around your workplace

March 28, 2019

Have you ever paused just before clicking print on your computer to ask yourself if you really need to?

Choosing to skip unnecessary printing is just one of many easy ways people can reduce their energy consumption while at work.

“If you have to print the document, choosing to print double sided and making that the default setting can save a significant amount of paper each year,” said Lindsay Mierau, Environmental Coordinator for the City of Winnipeg’s Office of Sustainability.

Desktop computers can be a significant source of energy usage and costs. Screensavers are not energy efficient. The best way to reduce the amount of power a computer monitor uses is by turning it off when not in use.

She also suggests timers or power bars to make sure coffee makers are turned off in the evenings and for the weekend. Some coffee makers are designed to keep water hot inside for a long time and if no one is around to drink the coffee, that energy is wasted.

If you are a little cool in your workplace, opt for a sweater over switching on a space heater.

Opening window coverings when the sun is shining instead of turning on the lights is another way to reduce electricity usage. Mierau said you should remember to close them when it gets dark so the warm air stays inside.

“If we all remember these small actions, we can make a big difference to conserve energy,” she said.

The Office of Sustainability works with other civic departments and community partners to build awareness and foster the City’s climate and sustainability mandate.

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