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Bella and Luna top list of 2019 Winnipeg dog and cat names

Winnipeg Animal Services Agency reminds residents to license their pets

January 10, 2020

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It’s the top dog of dog names. Bella was the most popular dog name in Winnipeg in 2019, with 606 pooches licensed with the moniker.

As for cat names, Luna topped the list of most popular with 212 licenses issued under that name.

While the top names are different for cats and dogs, there is some agreement on the second most popular name: Charlie.

Most popular dog names: Most popular cat names:
1. Bella 1. Luna
2. Charlie 2. Charlie
3. Molly 3. Shadow
4. Bailey 4. Smokey
5. Max 5. Max
6. Daisy 6. Bella
7. Buddy 7. Molly
8. Lucy 8. Lucy
9. Maggie 9. Kitty
10. Sadie 10. Buddy

The list is based on Winnipeg Animal Services Agency pet license data.

Winnipeg pet owners are required to have their dog or cat licensed or they could be fined under the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law.

“Licensing will help protect your pet in the event your cat or dog gets lost,” said Leland Gordon, Animal Services’ Chief Operating Officer.

If someone finds a cat or dog with a license they should contact 311. City employees will be able to arrange to have the pet returned to its registered owner.

You can license your dog or cat by contacting 311, through the Animal Services Agency website, or visiting the agency in person.

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