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New online evidence viewer will help speed up parking ticket appeals

June 9, 2020

Laptop with new parking ticket tool on the screen

Vehicle owners looking to appeal a parking ticket now have a new tool to help speed up the process.

The City has launched a new online photo evidence viewer that allows anyone with a parking ticket to view associated photo evidence from their computer or mobile device. All it requires is entering your ticket number and license plate.

“The online photo evidence viewer will enable penalty notice recipients to view the evidence associated with their tickets online before they make a decision to appeal,” said Ryan Arabsky, the Winnipeg Parking Authority’s Manager of Regulations and Compliance.

Previously, vehicle owners had to wait to correspond with a screening officer to view the evidence against them – a process that often led to delays in resolving appeals.

“This should also help free up our screening officers for those owners who do choose to appeal,” said Arabsky.

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