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Stand by your pan and other cooking safety tips from WFPS

More than 100 fires a year in Winnipeg start in a kitchen

October 5, 2020

Before you make your next meal, make sure to check your kitchen for safety hazards. Each year, the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service responds to more than 100 house fires that start in a kitchen. A house fire can be deadly or lead to injuries or significant damages.

Kitchen fires are preventable if you follow a few simple tips.

Stay close to your stove

Never leave the kitchen when you’re using the stove top. If you do need to leave, make sure to turn the element off.

You should also keep a lid nearby. This way, if a fire starts in a pot, you can slide the lid over the pot and turn the element off.

If a grease fire breaks out, never try to extinguish it with water.

If you’re baking or cooking something in the oven, check on it regularly. If a fire starts inside your oven, keep the door closed and turn the oven off.

Keep a clear space

When you are making something on or in the stove, make sure to keep oven mitts, towels, curtains, and other flammable objects away from the oven.

You should also avoid wearing loose clothing when you’re cooking.

Keep a one-metre children and pet-free zone around your oven when it’s on.

Be prepared

Take a few minutes every month to check your smoke alarm to ensure it is working. Every home should have one.

Your family should also have an escape plan and should practice it regularly.

If a fire starts in your kitchen and it can’t be safely and quickly extinguished, get out, stay out, and call 911.

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