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Do you Know Your Zone? More than 6,000 addresses have new snow zones this winter

Change made so the snow clearing work is more evenly distributed

December 23, 2020

Snow clearing crews clear a residential street in Winnipeg.

With the recent snowfall, Winnipeg residents are reminded of the importance of checking their snow zone at the start of each winter. This year, more than 6,000 addresses have had their snow zone changed.

“These snow zone changes were implemented to more evenly distribute the residential streets lane-kilometers of plowing inventory among crews,” said Michael Cantor, Manager of Streets Maintenance.

All addresses with a snow zone that was changed were mailed a notification advising them of their new zone earlier this year.

During a significant snowfall, with 10 cm or more of accumulated snow, we will inspect residential streets to determine if a residential snow clearing operation needs to be undertaken in accordance with the Snow Clearing & Ice Control Policy. When a Residential Parking Ban is declared, the snow zones are cleared in 12-hour windows.

Snow clearing crews
Snow clearing crews are unable to properly clean a street if vehicles are parked on it during a Residential Parking Ban.

“By knowing what zone you are parking in, you can check the Snow website to see if it is scheduled for plowing for that 12-hour period and temporarily park elsewhere,” said Cantor.

Our Snow website will be updated with any parking bans currently in effect.  If you aren’t sure what snow zone you are parking in, you can also use our online address look up tool, the Know Your Zone mobile app, or contact 311.

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