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November 2018

November 30 2018 Festive Season Checkstop Program
Assault Peace Officer -Public Assistance Requested: C17-270271 
November 29 Robbery - Arrest: C18-226297
Thelma Krull Homicide Investigation -Update: C15-145099 
November 28 Homicide - Arrest: C18-257312
Carjacking - Investigation: C18-263030 
November 27 Suspicious Person: C18-262446 
November 26 Missing Person: Mark Hughes - R18- 76090 - Located
Public Advisory - Doorstep Thefts
Motor Vehicle Collision -Public Assistance Requested: C18-258857
Firearm -Arrest: R18-79822
Firearm -Arrest: C18-261106
Animal Incident: C18-260631
Firearms -Arrest: C18-261298
November 25 Robbery - Public Assistance Requested: C18-215358
Arson - Arrest: C18-259917
Firearm - Arrest: C18-260055
November 24 Court Order Violation - Public Assistance Requested: R18-77965
Firearm - Arrest: C18-259746
November 23 Robbery - Arrests: C180243199
Hear Me Too: End Violence Against Women and Girls 
November 22 Robbery - Arrests: C180257528
Weapons - Arrests: C180256775
Robbery - Arrests/Male Wanted: C180250268 
November 21 Carjacking -Investigation: C18-257077
Robbery -Arrests: C18-238078
Aggravated Assault -Arrests: C18-226442 
November 20 Sexual Assaults -Arrest: R18-55826/R18-22567
Commercial Break & Enter - Arrests: C180256536
Commercial Break & Enter - Arrests: C180255776
Robbery - Arrests: C180256290 
November 19 Robbery -Arrests: C18-255079 
November 18 Fatal Motor Vehicle/Pedestrian Collision -Public Assistance Requested: C18-254186
Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision: C18-254422
Threats -Arrest: C18-254814
Assault Peace Officers -Arrest: C18-254705 
November 17 Motor Vehicle/Pedestrian Collision: C18-254186
Motor Vehicle Collision: C18-254422 
November 16 Drugs & Guns -Arrests: C18-252274  
November 15 Weapons -Arrest: C18-252112
Stolen Vehicle/Resist Peace Officer -Arrests: C18-252482
Robbery -Arrest: C18-252177 
November 14 Robbery -Investigation: C18-251711
Commercial Break & Enter -Public Assistance Requested: C18-233950
Fraud/Scam -Public Advisory 
November 13 Robbery -Arrests: C18-249686
Robbery - Investigation: C18-250758
Stolen Vehicle -Arrest: R18-76587
Drug Offence -Arrest: C18-250933 
November 12 Robbery/Aggravated Assault -Arrests: C18-248829 
November 11 Homicide -Arrest: C18-248849 
November 10 Drugs & Weapons Investigation -Arrest: C18-248169
Police Follow -Arrest: C18-248752 
November 9 MISSING PERSON -Dylan SCHWARK: R18-75669 - Located
Shooting Incidents -Arrest Update: C18-246555
Firearms -Arrests: C18-247283
Drug -Arrest: C18-247503
Drug -Arrest: C18-247074 
November 8 Shooting - Investigation: C1824304
Robbery - Arrest: C18-246699
Homicide - Arrest: C18-246300
Shooting Incidents -Arrest: C18-246555 
November 7 Aggravated Assault Investigation -Public Assistance Requested: C18-245594 
November 6 Suspicious Package -Investigation: C18-245129
Robbery - Investigation: C18-245560
Shooting - Investigation: C18244947
Robbery - Investigation: C18-245565
Aggravated Assault - Investigation: C18-238078
Missing Person: Michelle GROZELLE R18-70561 - Located
November 5 Suspicious Package -Investigation: C18-245129 
November 4 Assault with a Weapon - Arrest: C18-243975
Drug Offence - Arrest: C18-243119
Weapons - Arrest: C18-243931
Aggravated Assault - Arrest: C18-197729
November 3

Armed and Barricaded - Update/Arrests: C18-242322
Weapons/Frauds - Arrests: C18-241812

November 2 Armed and Barricaded - Investigation: C18-242322
November 1 Project Riverbank "Inter-Provincial Illicit Drug Network Dismantled"
Assault - Arrests: C18-241095
Drug - Arrest: C18-158642

Constable Rob Carver, Public Information Officer
Constable Jay Murray, Public Information Officer
Constable Tammy Skrabek, Public Information Officer

Kelly Dehn, Manager of Public Affairs

Office: 204-986-3061

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