June 2020 Media Releases

Date Release
June 30 Shooting Investigation - Public Assistance Requested: C20-141541
June 29 MISSING PERSON: R20-33504
Weekend Overview: Friday Evening to Sunday Night
June 26 Interprovincial Illicit Drug Investigation: R20-019423
June 25 Suspicious Person - Investigation: C20-145637
Indecent Act - Arrest: C20-146805
Assault with a Weapon - Public Assistance Requested: C20-136793
June 24 Homicide - Arrest: C20-141689
June 23 Homicide Arrest: C20-113477
Fraud/Scam - Public Advisory
June 21 Homicide - Investigation: C20-141689
June 20 Stabbing - Investigation: C20-141689
June 19 Fire Investigation: C20-141667
Missing Person - Noreen OSBORNE: R20-20392
June 18 Reopening of Police Headquarters
Aggravated Assault - Investigation: C20-140022
Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision - Investigation: C20-140618
June 16 Commercial Robbery - Arrest: C20-138579
Animal Call - Assistance: C20-138688
June 15 Stabbings
Aggravated Assault - Arrest: C20-122185
Aggravated Assault - Arrest: C20-133853
Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision - Arrest: C19-213196
Home Invasion - Arrests: C20-135710
Shooting - Investigation: C20-136737
June 12 Warrant - Public Assistance Requested
June 11 Gun Incident - Arrest: C20-133832
June 10 Assault with a Weapon - Public Assistance: C20-122185
June 9 Firearms Manufacturing - "Ghost Guns": R20-24663
Firearms Trafficking - Arrest: R20-20418
June 4 MISSING PERSON - Kierra Hather: R20-24034 - Located
Missing Person - Eduardo Balaquit: C18-117917
Homicide - Public Assistance Requested: C20-113477
June 3 Stabbing - Investigation: C20-125905
Motor Vehicle Collision - Investigation: C20-125771
Motor Vehicle Collision - Investigation: C20-125868
June 1 Missing Person - Sonya Duck: C20-120244

Constable Rob Carver, Public Information Officer
Constable Jay Murray, Public Information Officer
Constable Dani McKinnon, Public Information Officer
Constable Claude Chancy, Public Information Officer
Kelly Dehn, Manager of Public Affairs

Office: 204-986-3061
E-mail: WPS-PIO@winnipeg.ca