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City of Winnipeg
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Planning, Property & Development

Brochures and By-laws

The following brochures and booklets provide information on the building regulations required for legal construction in Winnipeg.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in these publications. However, in the event of a discrepancy between these brochures and the governing City of Winnipeg By-law, the By-law will take precedence.


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Department By-Laws
All City of Winnipeg By-laws - The City Clerk's Department
Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-law No. 100/04
A City of Winnipeg By-law that controls and regulates the use of property and development in Downtown Winnipeg.
Taking Title to Vacant and Derelict Buildings By-law No. 89/2010
A City of Winnipeg By-law that establishes a process for taking title to vacant and derelict buildings pursuant to Part 5, Division 4 of The City of Winnipeg Charter.
Vacant Buildings By-law No. 79/2010
A City of Winnipeg By-law that regulates the condition of vacant buildings and discourages the boarding of vacant buildings.
Winnipeg Building By-law No. 4555/87
Winnipeg Electrical By-law #86/2018, including Technical Interpretations
Winnipeg Zoning By-law No. 200/06
A City of Winnipeg By-law that promotes the orderly use and development of land and the location of buildings and structures in the City of Winnipeg, except lands covered by the Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-law No. 100/04.
Homeowner Building Code Information
Airport Vicinity Acoustic Insulation
A 16-page booklet providing an overview of City of Winnipeg By-law 6419/94 that establishes minimum acoustic insulation requirements for buildings within the Airport Vicinity Protection Area.
Basement Development - Lower Level Development
A 16-page brochure outlining construction requirements for the development of basements in residential buildings, including building code, plumbing, and electrical permit information as well as the inspection process.
Wood Decks
A 24-page booklet outlining the zoning and construction requirements for construction of open, uncovered decks on residential buildings, including FAQ's, documents required, zoning, and structural specifications.
Design Coordinated Application Plans Approval Program
An 8-page booklet outlining the process for members of the Manitoba Home Builders Association to follow to expedite permit applications.
Detached Garages & Accessory Structures
A 36-page booklet outlining the construction, zoning and electrical requirements for residential garages, sheds and gazebos.
House Additions
A 20-page guide about the plans required when applying for a building permit for a house addition.
New House Construction
A 20-page booklet about the plans required when applying for a building permit for new house construction, including information on documents and plans, requirements for plumbing and electrical permits, and material specifications.
Pools & Hot Tubs/Spas
A 10-page booklet outlining the construction requirements and building permit application and inspections process for swimming pools.
Homeowner Electrical Information
Electrical Installations
A 32-page homeowners' guide for electrical installations in single- family dwellings, detached garages and sheds.
Flooded Buildings - Procedures for Electrical Inspection
Learn about the procedures to be followed to prepare for an electrical inspection of a building that has been flooded.
Homeowner Miscellaneous Information
Barrier-Free Ramps
Learn about Building Code requirements for barrier-free ramps, including a helpful illustration with dimensions.
Best Management Practices Handbook for Activities In and Around the City's Waterways and Watercourses
If you are undertaking a project or routine maintenance activity near a waterway, this handbook applies to your work.
Building Permits
Learn about the importance of obtaining a building permit, along with helpful lists of projects that do and do not require a permit.
Construction Regulations Along City Waterways
Learn about the City's Waterway By-law and the requirements for construction within the regulated area along Winnipeg's waterways, as well as when a Waterway Permit is required, and how and where to apply for one.

Housing Permits
Once a permit has been issued, fees may be charged in certain circumstances related to the number of inspections, time to undertake the work, and administration associated with a residential permit. Learn about important responsibilities and considerations for homeowners.

Post-permit issuance Fee Schedule for Housing Permits
All rates listed are subject to annual inflationary increases.

New Home Master Plans Approval Program
Learn about the New Home Master Plans Approval Program available to builders that provides a five-day permit approval time for properly completed applications.
Real Estate Listing Order to Comply
A guideline for homeowners who have received an Order to Comply about electrical, plumbing and building upgrades that require permits.

Rental Property and By-law Compliance in the City of Winnipeg
If you plan to rent out your Single-Family Detached Dwelling or rooms within it, ensure that your rental situation is compliant with City of Winnipeg's by-laws. This brochure helps to explain some key considerations.

Secondary Suites
General guidelines for homeowners establishing attached or detached secondary suites.
Attached Secondary Suites
Zoning and construction guidelines for homeowners establishing attached secondary suites.

Detached Secondary Suites
Zoning and construction guidelines for homeowners establishing detached secondary suites.

Small Tent/Canopies on Private Residential Properties
A general guideline on the use of small tent/canopy structures.
Student Housing, Boarders, and Rooming Houses
Learn about zoning and building code issues related to providing housing for students or boarders, as well as rooming houses.
Homeowner Plumbing Information
Plumbing Installations
An 18-page homeowner's guide to plumbing requirements for single-family dwellings.
Sump Pit Installation Guide
Learn about guidelines and helpful illustrations for the installation of a sump pump and pit for an existing single-family home.
Homeowner Zoning Information
Learn about zoning regulations for the placement of fences in residential areas.
Non-Residential Building Code Information
Airport Vicinity Acoustic Insulation
A 16-page booklet providing an overview of City of Winnipeg By-law 6419/94, which establishes minimum acoustic insulation requirements for buildings within the Airport Vicinity Protection Area.
Assembly Occupant Loads
Learn about Building Code requirements for Occupant Loads for Assembly Spaces (spaces regularly used for a gathering of people for a variety of reasons).
Free-Standing Signs - Structural Requirements
Learn about structural requirements, including information to be shown on structural plans, for free-standing sign permits.
Multi-storey, Multi-tenant Buildings
Learn about guidelines and a checklist for permit application submissions for interior alterations and occupancy work in multi-storey, multi-tenant buildings.
Housing Conversion
Guidelines for the conversion of a house to commercial use.
Special Events
Special Events Permit Application

Special Events Permits (temporary tents, large stages, bleachers, etc.)
Learn about requirements for permit approval of temporary tents, large stages, large bleachers, and other temporary installations for special events.

Special Events Permits for Small Tents
Learn about the permit application process, Building Code and Fire Department requirements for tents that are less than 900 square feet, used on a temporary basis for a special event.

Non-Residential Electrical Information
Electromagnetic Locks
Learn about electrical and building by-law requirements for the installation of electromagnetic locks.
Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs
Learn about emergency lighting and exit signs in commercial and industrial tenant spaces, including definitions, and applicable information from the Manitoba Building Code.
Requirements for Commercial Electrical Permit Applications
A 13-page document detailing requirements for document submissions when applying for a commercial electrical permit.
Non-Residential Mechanical Information
Commercial Cooking Equipment
Learn about requirements related to ventilation control, fire protection, and owner/user responsibilities for the use and maintenance of commercial cooking equipment.
Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning
Learn about requirements for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning in commercial or industrial buildings.
Repair and Service Garages
Learn about by-law requirements for garages and vehicle service areas.
Woodworking Shops
Learn about electrical and mechanical requirements for wood working shops.
Non-Residential Miscellaneous Information
Accessibility Design Standards
The accessibility requirements for the design and construction of new facilities, as well as the retrofit, alteration or addition to existing facilities, owned, leased or operated by the City of Winnipeg.
Non-Residential Plan Submissions for Building Permits
Non-Residential Richardson Report
The Fire Risk Indices for the Application to the Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Existing Buildings in Manitoba for Residential and Business and Personal Services Occupancies
Building analysis, for compliance with life safety provisions of the Manitoba Building Code, for the conversion of existing and heritage buildings for Residential and Business and Personal Services occupancies.
With individual downloads for:
Worksheet for Part 2 of Richardson Report
Worksheet for Part 3 of Richardson Report
Worksheet for Part 4 of Richardson Report
Worksheet for Part 5 of Richardson Report

Pedestrian Connections
Pedestrian Connections
Private development requirements for pedestrian routes.
Sidewalk Patio Information
Application Steps for a Sidewalk Patio
Learn about the process, standards and expectations for creating sidewalk patios associated with food and drink establishments.
Last update: June 30, 2022

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