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The Municipal Cemeteries Branch

The Municipal Cemeteries BranchBrookside Cemetery

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

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When is the cemetery open for me to visit the grounds?
  • The cemetery is generally open for visiting every day of the week, however hours can vary depending on the season, weather, & road conditions.
Can flower arrangements, wreaths or memorabilia be left at a gravesite?
  • Flower arrangements and wreaths may be placed on an interment/burial site immediately following the funeral. After this all flowers must be left in a vase inserted into the ground or as an integral part of the memorial. Memorabilia is not permitted to remain.
    • Vases made of glass or breakable material will be removed immediately and disposed of for health and safety reasons.
  • Wreaths on stands may be placed during the winter months (November 1 to April 30).
    • Other items of memorabilia such as photographs are not permitted to be left in the cemetery grounds.
How long can flower arrangements/wreaths stay on the gravesite after the interment/burial?
  • The flowers are allowed to remain up to 10 days after the interment but we recommend if you wish to retain the flowers, you collect them from the gravesite within the week after the interment.
Can the grounds people place a flower arrangement or wreath at the gravesite for me?
  • No, this must be organized by you but if you are using a florist to deliver, we will assist the company in locating the gravesite to place the flowers
Are flowers available to purchase at the cemetery?
  • No, but we do have a limited amount of funeral and seasonal wreaths available for sale year round.
Can I plant flowers on the grave?
  • Annual flowers only may be planted in areas where they are allowed in the cemetery. For complete information on flower planting please contact our Customer Service Advisors at the cemetery Administration office at 204-986-4348 or refer to the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.
When is water available in the cemetery grounds?
  • Water is generally available after the May long weekend until sometime in the Fall. Weather dependant. Contact the Customer Services Advisors at 204-986-4348.
The cemetery water tap is not working?
  • Please contact our Customer Service Advisors located at 204-986-4348.
Is there a water tap close to my family gravesite?
  • We are unable to inform you exactly where the taps are located.
There is a tap leaking in the cemetery?
  • Please contact our Customer Service Advisors located at the Administration Office at 204-986-4348
Can I sod the gravesite?
  • No.
Can I cut the grass on the gravesite myself?
  • No.
Can we rollerblade or skateboard in the cemetery grounds?
  • No, but bicycles are allowed when used as a means of transportation.
Are pets permitted in the cemetery?
  • Yes but owners must ensure the pet remains on a leash and that all excrement is cleaned up and removed from the cemetery grounds.
Are there any types of urns that are not permitted for use in the City of Winnipeg Cemeteries?
  • Glass, ceramic, and pottery urns are not accepted (i.e. no breakable items). Wooden urns are not recommended for use in outdoor columbaria.
What types of urns are permitted for use in the City of Winnipeg Cemeteries?
  • Brass, steel, cultured marble, marble, polypropylene, granite, wood, cardboard and other biodegradable materials. If you are unsure if your urn or vessel would be a permitted material, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for clarification.

Brookside Cemetery

Last update: July 10, 2019
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