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Frequently Asked Questions about the Building Communities Initiative II

What is the Building Communities Initiative II?

The Building Communities Initiative II (BCI II) is a multi-year, cost-shared capital initiative developed jointly by the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg. The goal of BCI II is to improve local community infrastructure that will benefit older neighbourhoods, and contribute to the vitality, safety and health of communities throughout the city.

What resources are being allocated to the Building Communities Initiative II?

Phase One of BCI II was announced in Spring 2010 as a $10 million neighbourhood infrastructure program. BCI II- Phase Two (announced March 14th, 2013) is an additional $10 million to be implemented from 2013-2015.

Which neighbourhoods have been targeted under the Building Communities Initiative II Phase Two?

The renewed BCI II will continue to target areas outside the inner city, as core area neighbourhoods already receive significant revitalization support under the Province's Neighbourhoods Alive! initiative. However, the focus of BCI has changed from targeting entire neighbourhoods to targeting strategic projects used by a significant population of specific areas of need.

Each of the 15 City wards will have at least one of its neighbourhoods designated for BCI II support.BCI II Phase Two funding will provide capital funding support to upgrade community facilities and municipal infrastructure, enhance public safety and contribute to commercial beautification in the targeted areas. Community residents will be able to access and enjoy improved community facilities and amenities throughout Winnipeg.

How were potential Projects identified?

In each targeted area, potential projects were identified and selected though:

  • Analysis of existing green/community infrastructure assets within or serving the targeted area;
  • Direct consultation with project stakeholders including community organizations, Provincial and City elected officials and relevant City departments;
  • Assessment of existing and future community infrastructure needs, including approved neighbourhood plans and community readiness projects already developed and endorsed by community stakeholders.

When will the Building Communities Initiative II Phase Two start?

On March 8th 2013, 34 community projects totaling $7 million were approved by the City and Province. Additional projects will be approved in the coming months once additional project scoping and consultation have been completed. Project construction will take place from 2013-2015.
For a complete list of approved projects, click here.

What types of projects are eligible for BCI funding?

Eligible projects include:

  • Neighbourhood parks (benches, lighting, tree plantings, drainage improvements)
  • Playgrounds (play structures, benches, accessibility improvements, landscaping)
  • Athletic fields (turf and drainage improvements, field redevelopment)
  • Wading pool upgrades and conversion to spray pads
  • Community centres renovations
  • Neighbourhood commercial areas and Business Improvement Zones
  • Neighbourhood lighting and safety
  • Pathways, cycling routes, and community linkages
  • Other community facilities and amenities

How will the community be consulted in the planning of BCI projects?

Potential BCI projects have been identified by consulting with key community stakeholder groups and elected officials.   Where appropriate, community consultations will be scheduled as projects progress, to present and discuss the designs for approved projects and solicit community input to ensure that implemented projects meet the needs of the local community.

Where can we get more information on this initiative?

Program implementation updates will be posted on the City of Winnipeg's website.  Links to this site will also appear on the provincial Local Government webpage.


Building Communities Initiative Contacts:

Rob Zanewich, Project Manager
15-30 Fort Street
Winnipeg Manitoba R3C 4X5
PH: 204-986-4171

Helen Fabbri, Project Officer – Projects and Community Initiatives
15-30 Fort Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4X5
PH: 204-986-6419

Last update: March 8, 2017