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Like many home building projects, a deck may require a building permit to ensure that your project meets building code requirements, and does not interfere with other aspects of your home or property.

The City of Winnipeg considers a deck to be an outdoor structure with a total area of more than 3.4 square meters (or 36 square feet).

Please note: if you’re interested in learning more about constructing a landing -- an outdoor platform with a total area of less than 3.4 square meters (or 36 square feet), visit the landings section on this webpage:

Will your deck require a building permit?

Any back or side yard deck with a surface higher than 600 mm (2 feet) above ground level at any point requires a building permit.

Any deck that will eventually support an enclosed structure with a roof, such as a sunroom, requires a building permit, regardless of deck height.

If you are considering a deck in your front yard, call Permits Direct Line at 204-986-5140 to discuss your proposal with a Zoning Development Officer.

If you are building your deck beneath overhead power supply conductors, a minimum clearance of 3.5 metres (11 feet 6 inches) must be maintained between the deck surface and the overhead wires.

If the deck is being installed beneath a hydro meter, it may be necessary to move the meter to maintain the proper meter height. Contact Manitoba Hydro for more information.

If a hot tub is being installed on the deck, separate building and electrical permits are also required.

For more information on hot tub permit requirements, see the outdoor pools, hot tubs & spas section of our website.

Deck designs that do not conform to Manitoba Building Code requirements require an Engineer’s Seal.

Consult the decks brochure on our website for more details.

Should your deck or landing require a building permit, the following documentation must accompany your permit application.

A detailed site plan showing all property dimensions, location of all buildings, and the location and size of the proposed structure.

The City has the authority to request a current Building Location Certificate (BLC) sealed by a registered land surveyor.

A copy of a construction plan, detailing the overall size of the structure, the size and spacing of the beams, posts, and deck joists, the species and grade of wood material being used, the type of foundation, and the location of any stairs.

A copy of an elevation plan, showing the height of the structure’s floor above finished ground level at its highest point, and the height and type of guardrail being used around the perimeter of the structure.

Also required is a Completed Deck Application Form and Checklist for Decks.

If the permit applicant is not the Owner, a signed Owner statement is also required.

Apply for your deck building permit through Permits Online at

Or apply in person at the Zoning and Permits office. The application form can be downloaded from our website and completed prior to your visit.

Approval times vary depending on the season, current volumes, and the complexity of the project, so be sure to apply well in advance of your start date.

Once your permit application is reviewed and the permit has been issued, you may then begin work on your project. As work progresses, you are responsible for arranging a City inspection of the work, so it can be assessed for compliance.

The number of inspections required varies, depending on the project. For details, consult the housing permits brochure on our website.

Once compliance to the building code and bylaws are confirmed, your permit will be closed; ending the permit process.

When considering a home renovation or building project, make a permit part of your plans.

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