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City of Winnipeg
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Parks and Open Space

Off-leash Dog Areas

All City-owned play structures and picnic shelters are open as per the Province of Manitoba's Restoring Safe Services plan, as are skate parks, tennis courts, basketball courts, and athletic fields (soccer, baseball, football, etc.). The City will not be cleaning or sanitizing playgrounds more frequently than normal. Use of these spaces is at your own risk.

Please note that social distancing is still required while within City parks and individuals must maintain a distance of at least two metres from every other individual in the park. This does not apply to people who can demonstrate that they are living together in the same household. Individuals are also prohibited from assembling in groups of more than 5 both indoors and outdoors. Any businesses operating within City parks must follow provincial public health orders.

For more information, see: Ongoing response - City parks

Toutes les structures de jeu et les abris pique-nique de la Ville sont à nouveau ouverts suite à l’annonce du Plan de rétablissement sécuritaire des services de la Province du Manitoba, tout comme les planchodromes, les terrains de tennis, de basket-ball et de sport (soccer, baseball, football, etc.). La Ville ne nettoiera ou ne désinfectera pas les terrains de jeu plus souvent que d’habitude. L’utilisation de ces équipements est à vos risques et périls.

Nous rappelons qu’il faut continuer de suivre les mesures de distanciation sociale dans les parcs municipaux, et se tenir à au moins deux mètres de toute autre personne présente dans le parc. Ces mesures ne s’appliquent pas aux personnes qui peuvent prouver qu’elles vivent dans le même ménage. Il est également interdit de se rassembler en groupes de plus de 5 personnes dans des espaces intérieurs et de plus de 10 personnes à l’extérieur. Les activités commerciales ayant lieu dans les parcs municipaux doivent se dérouler conformément aux directives provinciales en matière de santé publique.

Mesures de protection en cours

Outdoor Hockey Rinks at community centers can now be designated temporary off-leash areas through the non-winter months. Off-Leash Dog Area - Hockey Pens

Attention Winnipeg dog owners

New Signs
  • Dog owners/ walkers and or commercial dog walkers are legally responsible for their own dog(s) and any injuries or damage caused by their dog(s). Individuals who choose to use off-leash areas do so at their own risk.
  • Sponsored by the City of Winnipeg Parks and Open Space Division in cooperation with the Animal Services Agency. Dog owners can let their pets socialize and exercise off-leash in a safe environment. Off-leash dog areas are not fenced in.
  • Please remember to keep your dog on a leash when you are outside of the Off-leash Area. Other park users may not appreciate loose animals running up to them or may be afraid of dogs.
  • There are no Off-leash Dog Parks that are fenced in, unless otherwise noted below.
  • Code of Ethics for Dog Owners
  • Brochure

Rules of use for Off-Leash Dog Areas
(Responsible Pet Ownership By-law 92/2013)

  • Dog owners must be present and within view of their dogs at all times.
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed in off-leash areas.
  • Dogs must be under voice control while off-leash.
  • Dog owners must have a leash in hand at all times.
  • Female dogs in heat are not allowed in off-leash areas.
  • Holes dug by dogs must be filled by the dog owner.
  • All feces must be picked up by the dog owner and removed or deposited in waste receptacles.
  • All dogs must be licensed in accordance with the City of Winnipeg Responsible Pet Ownership By-law 92/2013. Please call 311 for more information.
  • All sites are open 7:00am to 11:00pm or as posted at the site.

A complete list of rules is posted at each site. For further information about off-leash dog areas, call 311.


Eleven sites for off-leash dog areas have been selected in Winnipeg parks and public spaces. There is no lighting at any of the locations. The locations are:

  1. Little Mountain Park
    View Larger Map
    • Large open area is used for the off-leash area, located at the north/west corner of the park at Klimpke Rd. & Farmer Avenue.
      (parking available during summer at the Klimpke Road lot, west side of park)
    • This is a multi-use park, other users include: skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, walkers, runners, cyclists.

  2. Kil-Cona Park
    View Larger Map
  3. Kilcona Dog Park Area
    • Parking available off McIvor Entrance. Athletic fields and Service Yard access road is off limits to all dogs (leashed or unleashed). Off leash area is located east of parking lot on hill, and has a natural boundary of water to the north, east and south. If you cross the bridge or walk west of the hill you need to leash your dog.
    • This is a multi-use park, other users include: skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, walkers, runners cyclists.

  4. King's Park
    View Larger Map
    • Park is located at Kilkenny Dr. and Kings Dr. The Off-Leash Dog area is north east of retention pond.
    • This is a multi-use park, other users include: skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, walkers, runners, cyclists.

  5. Maple Grove Park
    View Larger Map
    • Maple Grove park has a fenced in area for puppies.
    • Park is located at St. Mary's Rd and the Perimeter Hwy. The entrance to the off-leash dog area is located by the Fields for Fido Kiosk. Please use only the area directly north of the kiosk and stay within the pathway.
    • This is a multi-use park, other users include: rugby players, soccer players, football players, skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, walkers, runners, cyclists.

  6. Mazenod Park/Retention Pond
    View Larger Map
    • Area surrounding retention pond bounded by Mazenod Road, Camiel Sys Street and Beghin Street.

    Fido Map
  7. Bourkevale Park
    View Larger Map
    • The Park is located at 100 Ferry Rd. Off-Leash Dog Area is south of dike, along riverbank.

  8. Westview Park
    View Larger Map
    • Park located at Midland & Saskatchewan Ave. Entire park is an off-leash area.
    • This is a multi-use park, other users include: skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, walkers, runners, cyclists.

  9. Sturgeon Road & Silver Avenue
    • Northeast area.

  10. Woodsworth Park
    View Larger Map
    • Turn west on Hekla off of Keewatin St. - area just north of parking lot.

  11. Charleswood Dog Park
    (formerly known as Charleswood Golf Course)
    View Larger Map
    • Former golf course.
    • This is a multi-use park, other users include: skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, walkers, runners, cyclists.

  12. Downtown Dog Park
    View Larger Map
    • Assiniboine Avenue & Garry Street
    • Fully-fenced, 0.12 hectare off-leash area located within Bonnycastle Park features artificial turf designed specifically for dog parks, lights, signage, park furniture for people, and waste receptacles as well as a bottle-refill fountain operational in the summer months.

  13. Brenda Leipsic Park
    View Larger Map
    • East end of Wilson Place
    • Parking available
    • Fully fenced, 1 hectare off-leash dog area.

Code of Ethics for all dog owners in off-leash areas

  • Stoop & Scoop - Please use plastic bags to pick up after your dog.
  • Train Your Dog - Please train your dog to respond to commands, whether on or off-leash.
  • Respect other users of the park - Walkers, joggers, cyclists, skiers, and other dog owners have a right to enjoy.
  • Proper Licensing is required - Please ensure your pet is properly licensed.

Last update: May 26, 2020
Contact the Public Works Department
General Office Hours
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday to Friday
1155 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3P1

Phone, Fax, Email: 311

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