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Sharrows Usage Guidelines

It is important to recognize that motorists may not always be comfortable passing a cyclist within the same lane on a Sharrow route. Drivers of larger vehicles such as buses and trucks may feel the need to encroach into the adjacent lane when passing a cyclist.

If parking or loading is permitted on a roadway marked with Sharrow symbols, vehicles are permitted to park over top the Sharrow area and cyclists are expected to move to the left side of the curb lane to pass the parked vehicle while staying outside of the “door zone”. The “door zone” is the area to the left of a parked vehicle where a cyclist could be contacted by an opening door.

Cyclists can legally travel on all City roadways unless otherwise indicated by signs. The Highway Traffic Act states that a cyclist is to ride as far to the right of the lane as is practicable. The correct road position for a cyclist varies with traffic volume and speed, conditions and width of road, weather and cyclist’s skill level. Cyclists should ride far enough out from the curb to maintain a straight line of travel and avoid any hazards that might exist in the gutter.

The Sharrow pavement marking is intended to generally indicate the appropriate place for the cyclists to position themselves within the lane. When the Sharrow pavement marking is near the right edge of the lane cyclist and vehicles should share the roadway side by side.

Last update: July 3, 2018
Watch for this Sign:
Sharrow Sign