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What’s Your Residential Street Snow Zone?
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Commercial Approach

For all

1. COMMERCIAL private approaches, including apartments, condos, schools, etc.
2. Single family residential private approaches on REGIONAL STREETS (P1 street)

And you wish to construct any of the following

  • loading bays
  • storage lanes
  • median openings
  • walkways (which adjoin to the curb of the street)


Transportation Branch
Phone: 204-986-5239


Application for Commercial Private Access


Private Access By-law No. 49/2008

Residential private approach NOT on a Regional (P1) street

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Frequently asked questions

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Is a Permit required to construct a private approach, or to modify/reconstruct an existing approach?
Yes. In all cases a construction permit must be obtained. The permit assists in the control of approach construction in the right-of-way, and ensures that the approach is inspected for conformance with by-law. You must submit an application form prior to receiving a construction permit. Only a licensed contractor may receive a construction permit.
How do I apply to construct or modify my private approach, loading bay, storage lane, median opening, or sidewalk to the curb of the street?
You have to complete and return the application form, with the appropriate fee, to 1155 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3E 3P1, or email it to You should include a proposed site plan (paper copy and an AutoCAD site plan) which illustrates existing buildings, existing approaches, and the  location for the proposed private approach . We will review your proposal, and issue you a formal approved drawing, which will illustrate location, widths, radii and design details of the approach. You will also receive a list of licensed private approach contractors so that you can hire a contractor; only licensed contractors can construct the approach. Please note that the contractor must obtain a construction permit prior to any construction.
What if my application does not conform with the Private Access By-law?
If the approach does not conform with Private Access By-law No. 49/2008 you will be issued a letter informing you why the application is non-conforming and advising you of the process to follow. A report will be submitted to a Standing Policy Committee for a decision and they will either support or deny your application.
Who may construct an approach?
Only a Licensed Contractor may construct, remove, relocate or modify a private approach. A list of Licensed Private Approach Contractors is available from the Customer Services Branch, 107-1155 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg.
Are there City Standards that must be followed when Constructing a private walk/approach?
Yes, there are minimum standards when an approach is constructed. Your licensed contractor is aware of these standards.
There is a manhole in the boulevard in the location where I wish to construct my private approach. How will this affect my approach?
The Water and Waste Department (311) will make any necessary grade adjustments to the manhole/catchbasin. If the approach is to be concrete it will be necessary for you to construct an isolation. Curb/gutter inlets that are in conflict with a private approach will also be adjusted or replaced.
There is a tree in the boulevard in the location where I wish to construct my private approach. How will this affect my approach?
Our Urban Forestry Division and the local Councillor must approve the tree removal. If they do not approve the removal, your approach cannot be constructed in this location. If they do approve the removal of the tree, you are responsible for the cost of the removal.
Who is responsible for repairing a Private Approach?
The owner of the approach is responsible for the cost of reconstruction, reinstallation, repair, alteration or maintenance. Should a private approach deteriorate to an unsafe condition the City can give written notice to the owner ordering the repairs to be done at the owner's expense.
I have an existing approach that is no longer required. Am I responsible for the cost of removing it?
Yes, the owner is responsible for the cost of removal of an existing private approach or part thereof.
The street pavement is being renewed. Will I be required to pay for any necessary alterations to my private approach?
No. Whenever the City widens, reconstructs or resurfaces a pavement and thereby necessitates alteration or reconstruction of a lawful private approach, the City shall assume the costs unless the approach is not constructed to the same standard as the abutting street, in which case the City may assess the cost of improving the approach against the benefiting property.
A crew from the Water and Waste Department removed a part of my approach while carrying out a repair to the watermain. Will they be repairing the approach?
Yes. When the City, a utility company, or others do work in a street that damages a lawful private approach the person responsible for the damage shall assume the cost of restoring the approach to its prior condition by replacing that portion of the approach that was damaged.
My approach that was inspected by the City of Winnipeg has cracked. Is the City liable?
The City inspects the approach for design, layout, and dimensions. The City was not a part of any agreements made between the owner and contractor or owner and supplier. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that minimum standards for both materials and construction practices are being met.

Last update: January 2, 2020