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Amendments to Streets By-Law No. 1481/77
key changes pertaining to regional street cut restoration

In May of 2010, City Council passed a number of amendments to the Streets By-Law No. 1481/77. The changes include the following:

All hard surface cuts (pavement, curb and/or sidewalk) on Regional Streets made between and including May 1 and October 31 (based on the date the permit was issued), shall be restored by the applicant or their agent upon completion of backfill. A cut permit must be taken out at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to work being done. For Emergency work, a permit is to be obtained within 24 hours after work is completed.

Street Cuts Manual has been developed to aid the contractor in fulfilling their duties as required. Some of the key points of the manual are:

  • All regional street hard surfaced cuts are to be backfilled with stabilized fill to the underside of the existing pavement (refer to Street Cuts Manual);
  • The contractor is responsible for the maintenance of their temporary restored cuts until cut has been permanently restored and has passed warranty period;
  • Twenty-four (24) hour concrete is to be used on all pavement restorations on regional streets;
  • All permanent restorations have one year of warranty starting from the date of final inspection upon restoration;
  • The contractor completing the restoration must have a valid "Regional Restoration Contractor's License;"
  • Boulevard cuts shall be restored by the City or City agents.

In implementing these changes, the City hopes to:

  • create a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists;
  • speed up the restoration of regional cuts;
  • reduce the permit applicant's overall costs for restoration;
  • reduce complaints and claims related to the sinking of temporary patches, and;
  • reduce lane closures and traffic disruption.

Important links:

Should you require additional information, please refer to Contacts in Street Cuts Manual.

Permits - Contractors Only

Approach Construction Permit:

  • For all commercial/industrial private approaches/walks and residential/farm private approach/walks on regional streets, contact:
    Private Approach Technician at 204-986-5239

  • For residential/farm private approaches on non-regional streets, contact:
    Plan Approval/Permit Technologist at 204-986-4113

Excavation Cut Permit:

At any time an excavation in or under a street, sidewalk or boulevard is done a permit is required. If work occurs on a regional roadway, applicant will also require a Use of Street permit. For more detailed information and fees, please call 204-986-3184.

Sewer and Water Inspection Permit:

No connection, repair, alteration or reconnection shall be made to the underground portion of a sewer connection or drain either on the City street or on private property without first obtaining a permit from the City. The applicant shall pay the cost of installation of the water service connection from the street watermain to the property line.The service may be installed only by the employees of the Water and Waste Department or by a person licensed by the City (licensed sewer and water contractors) to perform that type of work. The permit application shall be supplemented by any plans, specifications, or other information considered pertinent. If work occurs on a regional roadway, applicant will also require a "Use of Street" permit. For more information, please call 204-986-3184.

Last update: February 14, 2019