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Know Your Zone (KYZ) Mobile App FAQ

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Which device is the Know Your Zone app compatible with? What operating system do I need to use the app?

The app is compatible with iPhone/iPad devices with operating systems iOS 9.3 or iOS 10, and Android phones and tablets 4.0+.

I don't have a smart phone. How can I access this information?

The winter parking bans and snow zone information is also available through our website You can also search for your address through this website.

To receive notifications about winter parking bans you can Subscribe to Parking Ban Email Notifications.

What does the app do?

The app can be viewed in either English or French and will provide Winnipeggers with easy to access, up-to-date snow zone information when a Residential Parking Ban is called this winter.

By using the GPS capabilities of a mobile device combined with either the app's interactive mapping feature, or by entering the street address, citizens can easily access: 1) The designated snow zone letter of the alphabet associated with that location; 2) Color coded maps of snow zones when snow clearing is underway; and 3) Residential snow clearing schedule.

The app features push notifications that will automatically send a message to the user when a residential parking ban is declared for the addresses saved as favourites. The app also links to descriptions of all five winter parking bans, and an "in effect" page that indicates which winter parking bans are currently declared.

How much did it cost for the City to develop the app?

The app was developed within existing City of Winnipeg resources and budgets.

Official City of Winnipeg Know Your Zone Mobile app icon
There looks like there is more than one Know Your Zone app when searching through the iPhone App store.

There is only one official City of Winnipeg Know Your Zone app and it will state this when you view the information in the app store. The background colour of the Know Your Zone app icon is grey.

How do I add a favourite?

When you search for an address and get a result screen, tapping the star at the top will add that address to your list of favourites.

How do I remove a favourite from the list?

Swiping left on the favourite address will give you the option to delete it from the list.

How do I set a location so that I receive a notification before plowing starts in my zone?

By setting an address as a favourite, you will automatically receive a notification for that address prior to plowing in that zone as long as you have Location Services turned on for the app.

Why is the current location of my phone not accurately reflected on the mapping feature?

For the GPS mapping feature to function correctly, Location Services must be activated on your mobile device for the app. If problems persist, compare the accuracy of the GPS provided by your mobile device by testing it with Google maps compared to the app. Please note that GPS works best for most mobile devices when outside, so it's a good idea to test it outside as well to check the accuracy of the GPS on your mobile device, compared to using it indoors. Sometimes the GPS on your mobile device needs to be reset by going outside, if Location Services hasn't been used in a while.

I know there's a residential parking ban coming up in the zone for one of my saved Favourite addresses; why doesn’t the app show me this?

The top portion of the results screen shows the CURRENT status of the address. The bottom portion of the results screen shows UPCOMING parking restrictions for the address, typically in the next 12 to 24 hours. See example.

Why do map layers disappear when flipping between tabs?

In the current version of the app, map layers are not saved when changing between tabs.

I am trying to download the Know Your Zone app on my iPhone; why is it asking for my credit card information?

In order to download the free Know Your Zone app, you must have an Apple ID account.

For information on how to get an Apple ID, please visit:
Apple ID Frequently Asked Questions
Create or use your Apple ID without a payment method.

Will there be a blackberry or windows mobile version of the Know Your Zone app?

There are no plans to develop a version of the app for Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The app won’t let me search an address without location services being turned on.

You must have Location Services turned on to use this portion of the app.

Is there a User Guide for the app?

Yes, there is one within the app itself from the Menu Screen and also an online version.

Where can I get more information about what happens when there's a Residential Parking Ban or for parking bans in general?

You can get to this information from the app by going to the Menu Screen. This information is also online: Residential Parking Ban FAQ and Winter Parking Ban Descriptions.

KYZ App is available for users who have an iPhone KYZ App is available for users who have an Android phone

Last updated: August 17, 2018

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