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  • Some facts about All-way Stop Control
    The purpose of all-way stop control (3-way or 4-way) is to assign right-of-way to traffic approaching an intersection.

  • "Caution Children Playing" or "Watch For Children" Signs: Why these signs are not used on public streets or lanes
    Every neighbourhood has children, so the presence of such signs on some streets and absence of a sign on others would incorrectly imply that children do not live in the area if there is no sign and so drivers do not need to anticipate their presence.

  • Community Speeding Concerns
    Public education can be an effective tool to assist in modifying drivers’ behaviour and attitude. We recommend utilizing the SpeedWatch Program as a first step -- a partnership between the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba Public Insurance.

  • Speed Humps - Streets
    Increasingly, citizens are requesting measures to address their concerns regarding speeding vehicles traveling through their residential neighbourhoods. One method is use of a speed hump, a raised area of a roadway, which deflects both the wheels and frame of a traversing vehicle. Speed humps are intended to produce sufficient discomfort to limit travel speeds yet allow the driver to maintain vehicle control.

  • Speed Limits in Winnipeg
    The Highway Traffic Board of the Province of Manitoba has jurisdiction over speed limits in the City of Winnipeg. The speed limit for all streets in Winnipeg is 50 km/h unless otherwise stated by a traffic control device.

  • Speed Watch
    The SpeedWatch Program--a partnership between the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba Public Insurance, involves the use of a speed detection and display device. Drivers are shown the speed at which they are travelling, and together with a "novelty effect" drivers usually reduce their travelling speed to voluntarily match the speed limits. This change in driver behaviour is normally attributed to the potential threat of having police officers on site.

  • Teaching Children Traffic Safety
    Children learn about pedestrian safety by watching the adults around them. Therefore, it is important for adults to make safe choices and set good examples for their children.

Answers to requests for signs:

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Last update: January 15, 2018