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Speed Humps

in Public Lanes and Residential Streets

Increasingly, citizens are requesting measures to address their concerns regarding speeding vehicles traveling through their residential neighbourhoods. Often these concerns are related to issues of pedestrian and child safety.

What are Speed Humps?

As described in the Transportation Association of Canada’s (TAC) Canadian Guide to Neighbourhood Traffic Calming, “a speed hump is a raised area of a roadway, which deflects both the wheels and frame of a traversing vehicle. … [Speed humps are] intended to produce sufficient discomfort to limit travel speeds yet allow the driver to maintain vehicle control. Its design is intended to limit effects on emergency, maintenance and transit vehicles while allowing cyclists to comfortably cross the speed hump.”

Speed humps have been proven to have substantial benefits in reduction of vehicle speeds (Source: TAC). However, speed humps are not intended to address issues of high traffic volumes - studies of speed hump installations have shown only minor reductions in traffic volumes.

Speed humps provide a gradual rise and fall and are designed to prevent vehicle damage when traversed at the recommended speeds (indicated with advisory speed signs). The dimensions of a speed hump are approximately 4.0 metres (13 feet) wide and 80 mm (3 inches) high.

Speed humps should be differentiated from speed bumps which are often found in parking lots and are designed with a more abrupt rise and fall.

More information:

Petition Forms:

  • Petition for Installation of Speed Humps on Street - English Français
  • Notice - Sorry we missed you (Installation of Speed Humps on Street) - English Français
  • Petition for Installation of Speed Humps in Public Lane - English Français
  • Notice - Sorry we missed you (Installation of Speed Humps in Public Lane) - English Français

Last update: July 6, 2018