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Receive real-time road and traffic information from the City's Transportation Management Centre and other Winnipeg drivers by joining the Waze community.

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Waze hands-free features

To setup voice activation with Waze before driving, first open the app and go into Settings. Select "Sound & Voice" and then "Talk to Waze." Finally, toggle on "Say 'OK Waze.'" To use voice commands, just say "OK Waze." View a list of hands-free voice commands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Isn't Waze distracting to drivers?

Safety is always a top priority for Waze and the City, and we encourage drivers to use the app as it is intended, by docking the phone and leveraging hands-free functionality during their entire route for an undistracted drive. How Waze promotes an undistracted drive:

  1. Block texting and driving - first GPS to do so!
  2. Hands-free control - no need to touch the screen!
  3. Self-updated directions - peace of mind on the most optimal route
  4. Features to minimize distracting communications - send ETA, etc.
Why would you recommend an app that allows people to report the location of police?

Waze is a free navigation app powered by the world's largest community of drivers. An already established app, it allows the City to share traffic incident, lane closure and other traffic related information and receive anonymous traffic related data from drivers. While the app may have other functionality, the purpose of the City's partnership with WAZE is to share and receive traffic related information with Winnipeg drivers.

Do I need a smartphone to access Waze and get traffic information?

While using your smartphone is the best way to access Winnipeg traffic information in real-time, you can also use a computer and visit, click the live map tab and see information on incidents.

Isn't it illegal to use your phone while driving?

Under the Highway Traffic Act and the Cellular Telephone and Other Hand-Operated Electronic Devices Regulation, the use of a navigation application (like Waze) on a smart phone is permitted while driving, provided that it is done in accordance with the definition of "used in a hands-free manner" as outlined in the Regulation.

Does Waze track my speed and location?

No. Waze does not share driving history or data about a specific driver - partners only receive road closure, incident and slow-down information. All of the data Waze shares with Connected Citizens partners (or any entity), is in accordance with Waze user facing policies, including the Waze Privacy Policy data and privacy policies. Waze will never share individual driving history or non-public user information with any partner.

Can people see where I am?

No, third parties cannot see your exact location through Waze. The only exception is if you provide ETA information to a specific friend through Waze, your location can be seen only by that individual.

What does Waze cost to use?

Waze is always free to download. Data rates vary by market and carrier.

What information do I get from Waze?

Waze shows traffic slowdowns, road hazards, accidents and most road related incidents. You will be notified if any of these incidents are on your route or nearby.

Why should I use Waze instead of Google Maps, Apple Maps, or my car's GPS to get around in Winnipeg?

All navigation tools get you from A to B. However, the Waze app provides traffic related information in real-time including reports from the City's Transportation Management Centre, along with interaction capabilities so you can report incidents to help other road users.

Does the City of Winnipeg support the use of Waze Carpool?

The City of Winnipeg encourages drivers to download the free Waze app to find the quickest route, however acknowledges that not all functions of the global app may be active in all regions such as Waze Carpool.

Last update: June 18, 2018