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What’s Your Residential Street Snow Zone?
A Sustainable Winnipeg

Earth Day

On April 22, Winnipeggers join millions of people from around the world in celebrating the largest environmental event in the world. Please refer to the table below for a list of various public activities and events occurring in and around our city!

Public Events on Earth Day

Date Organizer Event & Details
April 20 The Forks Earth Day
Come celebrate Earth Day with fun eco-friendly activities at the Forks. Participate in the Target Zero Eco-Kids Tour and enjoy performances by Green Kids Inc. throughout the day. ArtsJunktion will be set up in the South Aisle where you can make buttons out of reclaimed supplies.
April 29
(9:00am to 11:00am @ Circle of Life Thunderbird House and 2:00pm – 4:00pm @ Millenium Library Park)
Downtown BIZ Earth Day Clean Up
This year, we're challenging Winnipeggers to make downtown cleaner and greener than ever by volunteering at the Earth Day Cleanup!
Register here
April 22 Oak Hammock Marsh Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day this year by visiting the Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre. Watch presentations and discover exhibits that will demonstrate activities promoting a green lifestyle and highlighting ways to make the best environmental choices.
April 28 Fort Whyte Alive Earth Day at FWA
Make your way down to Fort Whyte for some live entertainment, environmental workshops and exciting outdoor activities! Help us celebrate the planet with lessons in sustainability, special programming at Fort Whyte Farms, and a chance to explore the site at no cost – admission is free all day!

Resources for Action at Home and Work

Make a difference at home:

By following Earth Day Canada's Top 10 Actions every day:

  1. Smart Shopping
    • "Buy what you need, not what you want"
    • Consider renting and borrowing things that are seldom needed
    • Buy used items from garage sales and second-hand stores
  2. Simple Savers
    • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
    • Use aerators on faucets and shower heads
    • Weather strip windows and doors
  3. Transportation Alternatives
    • Walk, cycle, car pool and use public transportation
    • When driving, reduce idling and maintain correct tire pressure
    • Consider car sharing programs or renting
  4. Food Choices
    • Choose local and organic foods that are in season, and support local food producers
    • Eat less meat
  5. Washing and Drying
    • Wash full loads of clothes in cold water and hang to air dry
  6. Heating and cooling
    • For summer air conditioning, set your thermostat to 24°C or 25°C
    • For winter heating, set your thermostat to 19°C or 20°C
    • Install ceiling fans and programmable thermostats
  7. Close to Home
    • Vacation, travel and work as close to home as possible
  8. Bathroom Basics
    • Take short showers instead of baths
    • Close water taps while brushing your teeth
  9. Careful Cleaning
  10. Don't Discard
    • Donate, reuse and recycle items before throwing them into the trash
    • Harmful materials like chemicals, batteries, electronics, etc. should be taken to local hazardous waste depots or recycling centers

For more eco-tips visit Green Eco Tips for a Healthy Planet

Make a difference at work:

  1. Green your Meetings
  2. Power down computers at lunch and when you go home
  3. Start recycling
    • Put in place recycling containers for paper and as many other products as possible.  Try to parallel your community's residential recycling program - people are used to it and know what products can be recycled.
  4. Do you really need to photocopy or print off copies of emails and other material?
    • Avoid the habit of printing off emails and leaving hard copies on co-workers desks. Start forwarding emails and encouraging them to be read, not printed off. And when you think you need to photocopy something, pause and ask if it's really necessary.
    • Next to your photocopier, also leave a pile of paper that has only been photocopied on one side. Reusing the blank side of used-but-not-needed paper reduces paper waste. If it's not for essential office use (ie. external use), you can probably use both sides of paper (yes, even the blank side of paper that was previously photocopied on one side only)
  5. Be water wise
    • Encourage employees to use their own cups for water.
    • Serve water in pitchers at meetings.
  6. Create your own Green Team
    • You can enact all the workplace green policies you want, but it will be much more efficient and successful if it's employee-driven. Develop Green Teams that are put in charge of conducting a light bulb audit, reviewing janitorial practices, lawn care practices, hydro usage, products used during office parties (ie. stop using paper plates, plastic cutlery and paper cups. Start using washable dishes, silver cutlery and washable mugs; for Christmas parties, stop wrapping gifts with Christmas paper and start using reusable gift bags).
Last update: March 25, 2019