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Crane wastewater pumping station

Where is Crane wastewater pumping station and what does it look like?
The existing wastewater pumping station is on City-owned land on the northeast corner of Crane Avenue and South Drive. The pumping station structure and equipment are underground. All you notice above ground are a metal traffic guardrail, two square metal electrical cupboards, and one round metal manhole. The manhole extends about three feet above ground and contains a ladder that allows workers to go underground and work on the pumps.

Why do we need wastewater pumping stations?
Wastewater travels by gravity from homes and businesses through sewer pipes to the wastewater treatment plants. Pumping stations are required to lift the wastewater from lower pipes to higher pipes so that it can continue to flow to the treatment plants. The pumping station usually consists of a wet well to collect wastewater and a dry well to hold the pumps.

Why do we need to replace this pumping station?
We need a new pumping station because the existing station is 29 years old and nearing the end of its life. The new station will meet the current design standards for wastewater pumping stations. It will reduce the number of sewer overflows to the Red River during heavy rainstorms.

What will the new pumping station look like?
The new station will have a building above ground that will be about 20 feet by 17 feet. The station must be above ground for several reasons: to meet the new design standards, to hold some new equipment and to make it safer for staff to maintain the system. We have hired an architect to design the building so that it will blend in with the neighbourhood.

The pumping station will be built entirely on City-owned land. We will have to remove some underbrush, and about 11 oak trees, ranging in size from 5 inches to 13 inches in diameter. We will professionally landscape the area and replace the trees as soon as possible after we build the pumping station.

Does the new pumping station have to remain at this location?
Yes. The sewer collector pipes intersect here. Also, the primary dike protects the station.

When will construction begin on the wastewater pumping station?
Construction will begin about mid-November 2003, and should be finished by early June 2004.

Has the community been involved in the design of the new station?
Yes. Neighbouring residents were invited to attend a meeting on July 10 and September 30, 2003 to share their ideas on the appearance of the proposed wastewater pumping station and the landscaping.

I have additional questions that weren't covered here or at the local meeting.
If you have any concerns or comments on the design and landscaping sketches, contact 311.

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Picture of existing Crane pumping station

Layout of proposed Crane pumping station

Sketch of proposed Crane pumping station

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