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City of Winnipeg
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Hydrants Domestic hydrant photo

  • There are approximately 22,000 fire hydrants owned by the City.
  • Hydrants on private property are not the City's responsibility.

Hydrant inspections

The Water & Waste Department has an intensive fire hydrant inspection program that runs year-round. Operation and maintenance of the water supply system for fire protection is one of our core responsibilities.

Every one of the approximately 22,000 fire hydrants is inspected two to three times per year. Up to 10 City crews perform several hundred hydrant inspections every day.

Hydrant repairs

Occasionally, we will have to repair or replace hydrants. To do this work, we have to shut off a section of the neighbouring water mains. Visit MyUtilityInfo page to view all nearby water main repair work.

Hydrant and pressure recording device photoMost repair requirements are minor, but some require major work such as total replacement of the fire hydrant. On average, a hydrant may be out of service for a few days. Some may be out of service for a few weeks, depending on the work required and the specific circumstances. Hydrants are placed close enough to provide back up to each other. If one is out of service, fire crews can use the next closest one. The spacing is determined on industry best practices. In residential areas, hydrants are usually about 90m apart.

The WFPS also has a live database of current out of service hydrants and responds to fires accordingly. Fire trucks responding to a fire bring an on-board water supply with them in order to start firefighting upon arrival. If the closest hydrant to a fire is found to be inoperable, there is enough hose on the truck to connect to the next closest hydrant.

Water & Waste crews also attend all two-alarm fires in order to service hydrants after they've been used or to thaw any frozen fittings.

Hydrant markers

Orange markers are installed so that snow clearing equipment, maintenance staff and the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service can easily locate hydrants during winter.

Pressure recording devices

We will be conducting a water distribution system pressure recording program from May until September. The purpose of the program is to gather information to be used in the evaluation of the City's water distribution system.

Distribution system pressures will be recorded on a 24-hour basis with the use of a pressure transducer and data logger contained within an aluminum housing attached to individual hydrants. The units are clearly marked as being the property of the City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department. Department staff members will inspect and download information from the units on a regular schedule.

High-pressure hydrant photoHydrant rentals - Backflow preventer with lockable box

  • Hydrants cannot be used for:
    • filling swimming pools
    • flooding skating rinks
  • Rental service is available to contractors and others who:
    • need a temporary water supply
    • don't have their own backflow preventer
    • are unable rent one from a local supplier
  • This device is mandatory to prevent the back siphoning of any harmful liquid or substance into the City's water system during the use of the temporary water supply.
  • Rental permit information
  • Rental cost
    The number of hydrant boxes available for rent is limited.

Who should you call to inquire?

Contact 311.

Last updated: February 8, 2019